Wanting to go to Japan to study but not sure if it’s for you? Applying for a language course and making the move to Japan can be a bit intimidating, especially if you haven’t been to the country before. Going on a trial visit before making the decision can be a good idea. With our study trip itineraries you’ll get the experience of studying Japanese, in Japan, and also take part in a variety of unique cultural activities.

Here are 8 reasons why you should go on a study trip in Japan.

Study trips in Japan - Visiting Kamakura

1. Meet new people while travelling alone

Solo travelling is getting more and more popular. With Japan being quite a safe place it’s common to meet travellers who are exploring the country by themselves. No matter if you come to Japan by yourself or travel with a friend or partner, meeting new people is one of the highlights of travelling.

Being able to meet up with people who share the same passion for Japan and Japanese culture is one of the benefits of going on a Japanese study trip. By studying and doing cultural activities together with others who share your interests you’ll get a richer adventure in Japan. Meeting people while travelling can sometimes be difficult, but by participating in educational travel to Japan, where you’ll have classmates, you’ll naturally meet a lot of new people with similar interests.

2. Make friends from all over the world

We have participants from all over the world joining our study trips, and we provide support in your language . Since they all share an interest in Japan and Japanese, it’s easy to understand that friendships are made on our trips. Having peers to practice Japanese and share the various activities with, is an important part of Go! Go! Nihon study trips. Whether it’s bonding over karaoke, solving problems together at an escape room or sharing a picnic under the cherry blossoms. You’ll surely make friends while on a Japanese study trip!

3. Intensive Japanese course for all levels

Through our study trips you’ll get an intensive Japanese course adapted to your Japanese level. If you’ve already studied some Japanese it’s a great opportunity to brush up on your knowledge and improve your skill. If you have no previous experience with Japanese, a study trip can be the perfect way to start learning basic Japanese. In other words, it’s suitable for everyone! Most of our partner schools have Japanese lessons in the morning, leaving the afternoon and evening open for activities and free time to go out exploring and practicing what you’ve learned in class.

All levels of Japanese are welcome, but to get the best experience we recommend learning some hiragana and katakana before you go. There’s also a special study trip for those aiming to take the Japanese Language proficiency test, JLPT in Japan.

Study trips in Japan - Making sushi

4. Experience Japanese traditional activities

One of the most appealing things about Japan is the blend of traditional culture and modern life. Age old traditions are a big part of the everyday life, even today. By going on a study trip in Japan you can try and experience different cultural and traditional activities. No matter which of our many trips to Japan you choose, you’ll get to try various unique activities. These are often difficult to take part in when travelling as a tourist, meaning that this is a great opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary.

Depending on what trip you choose, you’ll get the chance to try out a traditional tea ceremony, sushi and/or wagashi making, traditional Japanese tie-dyeing (shibori), wearing a yukata etc.

5. Get a crash course in a different culture

Our study trips to Japan combines intensive Japanese studies with activities and excursions. You’ll get the opportunity to experience Japanese culture and everyday life in a short time span. It’s a condensed course in living abroad, and in a foreign culture. By immersing yourself in life in Japan, speaking the language and encountering different parts of the Japanese culture and society, you’ll get a deeper understanding and knowledge about Japan. Our tour guides knows the best local spots and will support you throughout your trip.

6. Try out living abroad, without the stress of moving

Maybe you want to try living abroad in Japan, but haven’t yet decided if Japan is right for you. Or you don’t want to wait until you have enough time to go on a longer language course. Or maybe 2-5 weeks in Japan would be the perfect amount of time for you. Moving to another country, especially one far from home, can be a stressful and difficult decision. By joining us on a shorter trip, you can try out life in Japan while also studying.

We offer study trips where you stay with a host family, share a dormitory room or live in a private or shared accommodation. There are study trips to Japan ranging between 12 and 29 days.

7. Add something unique to your resume

Studying abroad will give you valuable life experience, which is highly sought after by a future employer. Meeting, and studying together with, people from all over the world helps you develop your people skill. Trying to make yourself understood in a completely different country, in a foreign language, is great for your communication and problem solving skills. By experiencing living in an unfamiliar culture you’ll get a better understanding of differences and diversities. Going to live abroad is, for many, a daunting adventure. In other words, by doing educational travel to Japan, you’ll show courage and determination.

Our partner schools also provide an attendance certificate at the end of your course, that you can put in your resume. In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits to studying abroad and it’s something many companies values.

8. Go! Go! Nihon takes care of everything

If you book a study trip to Japan with Go! Go! Nihon you won’t have to plan and book activities by yourself. We will take care of all the scheduled activities and tours, as well a booking your accommodation, Japanese classes and even sim cards etc. You just need to book your flights, and everything else will be taken care of by Go! Go! Nihon. Our staff will help you with any questions about the trip and offer advice about living short term in Japan. While on your study trip in Japan, we assist you with any problems or queries.

By joining one of our study trips all you have to do is to fill our the application form on our website, securing a spot by paying the application fee, and book your flights. We’ll take care of the rest!

For inspiration and more information about living and studying in Japan, please follow our Go! Go! Nihon blog.

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