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“Basically sorting out everything… Basically made everything a lot, loteasier.”

I honestly don’t think I would have come if it wasn’t for Go! Go! Nihon.

Tom, England

“…Go! Go! Nihon helped me to choose a language school…”

Elena, USA

“It’s a once in a life opportunity and I am so happy I did it, because I love it here.”

David, Sweden

“When I just stumbled across a link to Go! Go! Nihon on a Japanese study forum, I couldn’t really understand how such an amazing service could be provided for free…” 

Andrezj, England

“I’m sure that Go! Go! Nihon is the best and easiest way to get to Japan. Without their helpit’s not impossible to come to Japan, but it’s very difficult.”

Jürgen, Austria

“Go! Go! Nihon has been absolutely amazing. I knew I wanted to live in Japan but I had no idea what I was doing…”

Jordan, USA

“I had such a good experience with Go! Go! Nihon that I used their services again a year later for a second trip to Japan!”

Benjamin, Austria

Right from the start, it was well planned and organized, thanks to Go! Go! Nihon <3 They helped me with the forms for school, with researching accommodations, with the paperwork for a student visa (which I sadly had to give up on). They really supported me a lot during my entire three-month journey. They were always available to clear up any questions I or my parents had, from the simplest of things to more complex matters.

Caterina, Italy