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Hiragana Quest

Learn to read, write, and remember the Japanese alphabet

1. Pronounciation

Listen to and imitate real Japanese speech to hone your accent.

2. Keywords

A special word chosen to remind us how to say a character out loud.

3. Building Blocks

A set of simple shapes shared by many different characters.

4. Stories

We combine keyword and building blocks into a memorable story.

5. Drawing

Hirako guides you through the strokes that make up each character.

6. Test Yourself

Feel your progress as you earn experience and level up your skills!


Who we are

Go! Go! Nihon Live and Study in Japan!

Go! Go! Nihon was founded in 2009 by two Japanese language school students, who wanted to make it easier for others to live and study in Japan. The service launched with English, Italian and Swedish language support. We now supports 7 languages in total and has proudly helped 11000+ people successfully live and study in Japan.

Hiragana Quest


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