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Hiragana Quest – Learn hiragana and katakana

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Hiragana Quest

Learn to read, write, and remember the Japanese alphabet

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Note: The trial version is free. In order to benefit from the discount, you have to unlock both hiragana and katakana in the time frame 29th of November – 2nd of December inclusive.

Watch the interview with the Hiragana Quest developer

1. Pronunciation

Listen to and imitate real Japanese speech to hone your accent.

2. Keywords

A special word chosen to remind us how to say a character out loud.

3. Building Blocks

A set of simple shapes shared by many different characters.

4. Stories

We combine keyword and building blocks into a memorable story.

5. Drawing

Hirako guides you through the strokes that make up each character.

6. Test Yourself

Feel your progress as you earn experience and level up your skills!