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Go! Go! Nihon was founded in 2009 by two Japanese language school students, Davide and John. They wanted to make it easier for others like them to live and study in Japan after their own application experiences were filled with endless paperwork and communication difficulties.

Since then, Go! Go! Nihon has proudly helped more than 13000 people from around the world fulfill their dreams of living and studying in Japan. The service is offered in seven languages and has grown to include study in Korea (Go! Go! Hanguk), study in Spain (Go! Go! Espana), Study Trips, and online courses.

About us
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Our history

After meeting and studying at a Japanese language school together, Davide and John start working on a project that will make the process of living and studying in Japan much easier. The idea for Go! Go! Nihon is born.
Due to the multi-level support offered in three languages, more than 100 students use Go! Go! Nihon to live and study in Japan.

K.K. GoGo World (Go! Go! World) is formally established.
Italian, Swedish, and English language support experience incredible growth, with students loving the level of support they receive. Spanish language support is added to assist Spanish speaking students to realize their dreams of studying in Japan.
With increased demand from other countries, French and German language support is added.

Go! Go! Nihon reaches a milestone of helping 1000 students to live and study in Japan.
Go! Go! Nihon now has over 50 staff and has helped nearly 4500 long-term and short-term students since we launched. We start adding new services to support students, including support for SIM cards and Wifi.
Go! Go! Nihon reaches our 10 year anniversary. We help over 1500 students in 2019 achieve their dreams of living and studying in Japan.

Through our Jobs in Japan with Go Go Niho page we offer over 164 jobs. With our accommodation support, over 800 of our students find a home in Japan.
During the border closure Go! Go! Nihon launches https://educationisnottourism.com/ to drive awareness and to lobby the government to support international students to reach their goal of living and studying in Japan. The lobbying contributes to the borders re-opening for international students.

We continue to add online courses for different levels, allowing more people to access the opportunity to learn Japanese. We reach over 8000 registered users.
With the help of a new improved website, we supported over 1800 students to live and study in Japan in 2023, bringing our total to almost 13,000 since we launched our business. To further promote our growing list of vocational schools and universities we launched a new service schoolsinjapan.com which purely focuses on continued education options in Japan. We also held our most successful year for bespoke study trips to Japan, hosting groups from schools and universities in Germany and Australia.
The service and website is launched with Italian, Swedish, and English language support. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first long-term students start the October session that year.
The team decides they need a real office. They find a perfect location in Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku in Tokyo and get back to assisting students. The team expands to four full-time staff to support the growth of the service. Our first ever Go! Go! Nihon Study Trip Summer Course is launched.
With the help of the four support languages, Go! Go! Nihon reaches a milestone of helping 500 students since it launched. The Study Trip Summer Course becomes wildly popular, with 80 students from all over the world joining the course to experience three exciting weeks in Tokyo.
Go! Go! World launches its study in Korea service, Go! Go! Hanguk and its study in Spain service, Go! Go! Hanguk with offices in Seoul and in Madrid.
Go! Go! World now has more than 50 employees from 21 different countries and helps more than 1600 students in a single year across Japan, South Korea and Spain. Go! Go! Nihon adds a seventh market - Portuguese - after increased customer demand. Its first mobile app is launched: https://gogonihon.com/en/hiraganaquest/
Go! Go! Nihon continues to support students from all over the world to reach their goal of living and studying in Japan. Despite the pandemic and border closures, we manage to help over 700 people move to Japan.

We launch an online learning platform japaneseonline.gogonihon.com to help those unable to travel to Japan to start their language learning journey. We launch seven unique Japanese language courses and see over 4500 people from more than 100 countries register!
After nearly 2 years the border to Japan open again and we help over 2300 international students to achieve their dream of living and studying in Japan. We add more partners so we can now offer school options in 12 cities!

Go! Go! World opens our first Study Abroad Pub in Japan to share the benefits of studying abroad and help people meet and talk to people from all over the world in a friendly atmosphere!

Our Team

Our team comes from over 28 different countries!

Davide Rossi



Davide came to Japan in 2008 to study Japanese. At that time, there wasn’t a service like Go! Go! Nihon and it was extremely difficult for him to choose the right language school, accommodation, and get familiar with the different culture. He decided to start Go! Go! Nihon to help more people to have the best experience of their life and to come live and study in Japan.


Country Manager

Fede first came to Japan in 2010 and couldn’t keep away, officially moving from Italy to Japan in 2014.  He launched our first Japanese study trips and has been helping grow the business ever since. He now manages all of Go! Go! Nihon operations.


Coordinator Team Manager
Annie fell in love with Japan during her first visit as a teenager and she eventually moved to Japan in 2016. She started at Go! Go! Nihon as a Student Coordinator supporting English-speaking students and later became Manager of the Student and School Coordinator team. Her team’s mission is to help as many students as possible realize their dream of living and studying in Japan.









































































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