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How is Go! Go! Nihon’s service free?

Go! Go! Nihon works closely with our partners to help them attract international students and make it easier for people to apply to their institutions. Whatever you pay will be the same whether you apply through us, or directly through the school.

What is the cost of living in Japan?

The cost of living depends on a number of factors, including where you’re living and your lifestyle. Please see our cost of living calculator to understand average costs. Japanese immigration estimates that 6 months of full-time study in Japan costs about 1,000,000 yen. This includes tuition, housing, and some living expenses. Immigration requires certain funds to be able to issue visas, so please contact us for more information.

Can I bring my pet to Japan?

Technically yes, however bringing pets to Japan can be a very complicated process with a lot of paperwork. For some further information about requirements for your pets travel abroad, we recommend checking out this site: http://www.maff.go.jp/aqs/english/animal/im_index.html and read our article: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/bringing-your-pet-to-japan/

Can I bring medication to Japan?

This depends on your medication. In general, over-the-counter and prescription drugs are acceptable. Depending on how much you want to bring in, you may need a Medicine Import Certificate. A separate Narcotics Certificate is needed if you need to bring in stronger drugs. For more information, please read our article carefully: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/bring-medication-japan/ 

Can I apply for Japanese Language School with a friend or partner?

Yes, we can help you and your friend or partner apply together. However, due to the way the immigration process works you will each need to complete your own official application paperwork. You can find out more in our article: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/study-in-japan-with-a-friend/

Do you have to study Japanese before going to Japan?

Prior knowledge of Japanese may be required depending on the school you choose, your country of citizenship, your educational background, etc. In most cases, a JLPT N5 certificate or a document proving 150 hours of Japanese class suffices for the immigration bureau. Even if no proof of Japanese knowledge is required, we recommend learning at least the two kana alphabets (hiragana and katakana) before your arrival. If you’re not a beginner, you will have the chance to take a placement test before starting classes in Japan and you might get placed into a higher level and therefore save some time and money.

Do I need to speak Japanese to find work in Japan?

Very few employers in Japan hire those who do not know at least conversational Japanese and ideally, you need to be at least JLPT N2 level for full-time roles. Check out our article for more information: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/working-in-japan-without-a-university-degree/

How much does it cost to learn Japanese in Japan?

This will depend a lot on what school you attend, where you live and your lifestyle. Read more in our article about the cost of living in Japan: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/the-highs-and-lows-of-the-cost-of-living-in-japan/

How long does it take to learn Japanese?

This depends on your goals. If you start from a beginner level and aim to work in Japan in the future, you will need to study Japanese in Japan full-time for about two years. For more on how Japanese language schools work check our article here: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/how-japanese-language-schools-in-japan-work/

How effective is it to learn Japanese in Japan?

Very effective! Learning a language in a country where it is spoken is one of the best and fastest ways of mastering it. This makes a lot of sense when you think about the fact that you are surrounded by people who speak Japanese, you can make Japanese friends and you have so many opportunities to actually use and practise Japanese. There is also so much about the Japanese language that you can only learn once you live in Japan, such as certain words and ways of saying things that sound more natural.

To learn more about the benefits of immersion for language learning, read our article: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/learn-japanese-through-immersion/

Where should I learn Japanese in Japan?

Go! Go! Nihon offers many options, with a variety of different styles of Japanese language schools in several cities. Read our article about the best cities to study Japanese in Japan: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/best-cities-to-study-japanese-in-japan
We have also created a quiz with essential questions that will help determine which city in Japan would be the best fit for you! Click here to find out.

Does Go! Go! Nihon offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we do not assist with financial aid or scholarships for our partnered language schools, so we are unable to provide any information about those types of programs. However, individual schools may offer information and/or assistance to students depending on the availability of scholarships and how well students perform.

What different visa options are available to live & study in Japan?

For long-term study (longer than 6 months), the most common visa is the Student Visa, which you can use to study up to two years at your language school. If your country has a Working Holiday Visa agreement with Japan, you may also use that visa to study at a Japanese language school. Read our ultimate guide to Japan Student Visas here: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/japan-student-visas/.
Learn more about the Japan Working Holiday visa here: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/working-holiday-visa-japan/.
For short-term study, you can study on a Temporary Visitor Visa as long as you have a Japanese language school sponsoring your visa application. To learn more about short-term visas to Japan, visit: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/short-term-visas-to-japan/

How can I get a visa to study Japanese in Japan?

In order to get a student visa to study in Japan, you will need to apply to a language school that supports student visas and have them accept your application. Applying for a student visa requires a lot of documentation and paperwork: amongst other things, you need to prove you have graduated high school (or have completed the requisite number of years of education), you need to show your bank statement to prove you have the funds and you also need an income proof. This is where Go! Go! Nihon comes in as we help you with your documentation and paperwork to ensure the highest possible chance of acceptance for the school of your choice. Read more information about applying for a student visa on our blog: https://gogonihon.com/en/blog/japan-student-visa/ 

Does Go! Go! Nihon only help with long-term studies in Japan?

We can assist you in applying for studies from 3 months with a visa, or even shorter with our specialized Study Trips in Japan that range from 2 – 4 weeks. You can check these out from our Study Trips page: https://gogonihon.com/en/study-trips/.

Can I bring my family with me when I study in Japan?

Unfortunately, due to the rules of our partner schools and Japanese immigration, we are unable to assist with dependent visas for family members. Each member of your family would need to have their own visa.

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