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Learn Japanese no matter where you are with our range of online courses. Created together with our language school partners or Japanese language speaclists, our high quality online Japanese courses cater for all levels, from total beginner to business-level Japanese. 

Our online courses are the perfect option for people who can’t study in Japan, but who still wish to learn the language. They’re also great for those who want to prepare by learning the basics before they begin at a language school in Japan, so they can hit the ground running once they’re in Japan.

Online courses

Online Courses

Improve your Japanese fluency and study slang not normally taught in language school! Learn over 130 new pieces of vocabulary that are commonly used among young people in Japan, including slang, sentence forms, and sentence endings that are common in casual speech and how you use them in context.
If you are preparing for a trip to Japan we have the perfect course for you! In our very own Go! Go! Nihon Japanese Crash Course, we teach you the basics of Japanese needed for traveling and getting around in everyday life in Japan.
This course is in English
Tokyo’s biggest language school Akamonkai & Go! Go! Nihon’s online beginner Japanese course is ideal for students who are serious about mastering Japanese. Learn the JLPT N5 basics with 150 hours of Japanese studies including hiragana. Katakana, kanji, grammar and vocabulary exercises.
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This 12-week, 180-hour Akamonkai pre-intermediate course covers all materials needed for the JLPT N4 level, using engaging audio & video lessons, worksheets and more.
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This bundle is perfect if you’re serious about learning Japanese. Get the Akamonkai Beginner and pre-intermediate courses together in one bundle for less.
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Created with our in-house Japanese instructor Yoko Hori, who has 9 years of teaching experience working at various institutions in the U.S. The course was designed for learners who have finished their beginner-level Japanese studies (JLPT N5 and N4) and want to continue on to intermediate Japanese (N3 level).
Learn Hiragana, Katakana, over 300 Kanji, 2500+ vocab and all grammar points needed for to pass N5, N4 and N3 JLPT levels. If you’re serious about learning Japanese this bundle is perfect for you.
This course is offered with English support
Improve your Japanese skills and get ready for a job in Japan with this online Business Japanese Course from the Intercultural Institute of Japan.
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Learn more than 200 Japanese Onomatopeia, build your Japanese language fluency and understand more about the culture. 
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Get ready to pass the JLPT N3 exam with this prep course, take a practice test plus get advice and tips about passing the exam in interactive lessons.
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Take a practice test plus get advice and tips in interactive lessons, to get you ready to pass the JLPT N4 exam.
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This 7-day Kansai-ben course teaches the basic differences between Standard Japanese and the Kansai dialect.
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Learn Japanese with Anime. Find out the do’s and don’ts of Japanese hot springs, as well as the most common and helpful vocabulary to learn all about Onsen. 
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Go! Go! Nihon

Japanese Online Courses

Start learning – or improving – your Japanese no matter where you are in the world! Our online courses are created in partnership with experienced Japanese language teachers. Whether you’re a complete beginner or getting ready to take your JLPT N3 exam, you will find an online course to suit your goals.



Our courses are available entirely online and you can complete the lessons in your own time. 


You don’t need much – only need a stable internet connection, your computer or mobile device, and a willingness to learn! 

Connect with our online community, where you can engage with others taking the same course and ask school teachers questions whenever you have them.

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Unsure which level you’re at?

 If you have studied Japanese before, whether at school or university, or even just using an app or textbook to self-study, you might not be sure which course is best for you. 

Take our level check test – our questions are taken straight from our courses to ensure you’re placed correctly.

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