The benefits of studying in Japan for advanced Japanese learners

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Getting your Japanese to an advanced level is entirely possible by studying in your home country. But to get more natural and fluent language skills, it’s worthwhile considering studying in Japan for advanced Japanese learners.

Studying a foreign language in a country where it is spoken is proven to help boost proficiency. And the benefits of studying in Japan are especially important for advanced Japanese learners, who want to reach those higher JLPT N2 and N1 levels.

Why? Read on to learn more about why advanced Japanese learners should study in Japan.

Benefit from immersive learning

Don’t get us wrong – studying in Japan isn’t a prerequisite to achieving N2 or N1 for advanced Japanese learners. It’s possible to further your language skills within your own country with a lot of dedication and significant effort. Studying in Japan also doesn’t guarantee you a pass mark for your N2 and N1 exams.

However, putting in the hard work while being completely immersed in an environment where you are living and breathing Japanese every single day will help you tremendously in advancing your Japanese. Learning a foreign language immersively is a proven way to pick up a language faster. So it is one of the best things you can invest in if you’re serious about taking your Japanese to the next level.

We’ve written an entire article about why it’s important to learn Japanese in an immersive environment, which you can read here. It’s shown to be an effective way to pick up languages because you’re learning with context.

While living in Japan, you’ll be going out to restaurants, meeting new friends, picking up hobbies and more. These are all things that will help you to apply and develop your language skills. It will help you broaden your vocabulary, reinforce what you learn in class and expose you to situations that you won’t encounter if you don’t live in Japan.

Your textbooks can only get you so far. Becoming more fluent in Japanese involves stepping outside of your books and the classroom and into the real world.

Studying at Japanese language school

Get more support for your future plans

Our schools create their courses to help students master their Japanese as efficiently as possible during their time studying in Japan. For example, they support students by helping them prepare for higher education or to enter the workforce through special prep classes. These cover relevant topics such as business Japanese, how to write a Japanese job application, how to prepare for an interview, or university entrance exam prep.

Our schools also design their full-time two-year courses so that if you begin in the April school term, you’ll be nicely set-up for the start of university or college. Or, if you’re looking to join the workforce, April is also the start of Japan’s financial year, so many companies recruit new employees to begin before summer.

Read more about how Japanese language school terms work here.

This preparation isn’t necessarily something that you’ll find with schools in your home country and it’s important because it helps you to develop your language skills for your specific goals. Being in Japan for your final bit of language study will give you a more seamless transition to your next step, be it further study or work, since you’ll already be in the country to sit any exams or attend interviews.

Additionally, you’ll also be able to work part-time while you’re studying, which is another great way to improve your language skills and gain work experience in Japan.

Still unsure about studying in Japan if you’re an advanced Japanese learner? Get in touch with our team to find out more about your options.

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