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Learn Japanese
If you’re a fan of anime and have watched the latest season of Dr. Stone, you’ve probably heard the protagonist, Zenku, saying the phrase “sosoru-ze, kore wa.” (唆るぜ、これは, this is exhilarating). This is one example...
Learn Japanese
Is learning Japanese from anime really an option? Or will you just learn a lot of slang and fighting talk? Well actually anime can be a great accompaniment to your Japanese language studies (although definitely...
Only in Japan
You might have heard of this otaku hub of Tokyo. Akihabara started as an important crossroad for trade between what used to be Edo and the merchants from northeastern Japan. As Tokyo expanded and engulfed...
Love the whimsical and fairytale worlds of Ghibli movies? For those outside of Japan and North America, these magical worlds will be coming to your Netflix screens from next month. Netflix has bought the rights...
Japanese Culture
Japanese animation is a big industry and some of you may already know that there’s one name that has dominated this world for some time: Studio Ghibli. Many people that come to Japan, come with...
Japanese Culture
Anime (アニメ) is a word derived from “animation” and is used by Japanese people to refer to any animated drawings, no matter their country of origin. In English, it is mostly used to refer specifically to...
Life in Japan
The Otaku Experience in Japan course hosted by Go! Go! Nihon Study Trips was a joyful time full of surprises for students. One of them, Robert, decided to share his experience with us about his...
Japanese Culture
Japan is one of the most culturally rich countries in the world with an interesting history, a ton of non-spoken rules and its own unique costumes, making it easily one of the most fascinating countries...
Life in Japan
While looking back into one of the best months in his life, Zachary decided to share with us his eventful month on Go! Go! Nihon’s Summer Course in Japan. (Go! Go! Nihon staff): Could you tell me...

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In 2009, after meeting and studying at a Japanese language school together, Davide and John start working on a project that will make the process of living and studying in Japan much easier. The idea for Go! Go! Nihon is born. The service and website is launched with Italian, Swedish, and English language support. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first long-term students start the October session that year.

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