Otaku Experience in Japan of a lifetime: Robert’s adventure

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The Otaku Experience in Japan course hosted by Go! Go! Nihon Study Trips was a joyful time full of surprises for students. One of them, Robert, decided to share his experience with us about his vacation in Japan.

(Robert): I’m Robert from the south of England, here for the Otaku Japan experience.

Why did you choose the Otaku Experience in Japan Study Trip?

While at a convention in London, I heard about Go! Go! Nihon Study Trips. They had a booth where I took a pamphlet and while reading it the Otaku Experience in Japan course piqued my interest. After researching, I just contacted them.

What about Otaku Japan attracted you?

Well, I was at a gaming convention. Being an Otaku is something I’ve always been into so the Otaku Experience in Japan course felt like a perfect fit for me. The locations that were listed in the tour course just sparked. The fact that Study Trips offered a way that you could study while having a full Otaku Experience in Japan was really appealing to me.

You’ve said it quite a bit, but what does Otaku mean to you?

Hmm, for English people the definition would be when you’re into Anime or popular Japanese culture. So for me, an Otaku is someone who is really into Anime, manga, video games, figurines, etc.

Why would you identify as an Otaku yourself?

I’ve been into it (Otaku culture) for a while. Like, when a friend will say something like “oh have you watched this or played that” and I’ll tell them “Oh yeah, of course!”, happens quite a bit.

Sounds like the Otaku Experience in Japan spoke to you. Is this your first time in Japan?

Yes! This is the first time I have traveled alone as well.

What else do you feel the Go! Go! Nihon Study Trip staff has done for you so far?

Honestly, from replying to my e-mails as fast as possible to arranging my papers and picking me up at the airport, the staff seemed really invested in helping me, taking me to the hotel, and explaining everything to me. I was honestly nervous before coming to Japan, I thought that I would get lost all the time or simply lose interest in the Otaku Experience in Japan course as it went, but they took the edge off which was a relief.

Before the Otaku Experience in Japan, what activities were you looking forward to?

On the list, I saw that one of the stops was to the Pokemon Center, I felt really excited about finally seeing it. The Odaiba Cruise as well, mainly for the Gundam Statue.  I also love the One Piece museum and how enthusiastically decorated the whole place is.

What about your accommodation?

The trip allows you to choose between different types of accommodation and I chose the single room. I just felt it was better for me since I could be part of a group but at the same time be by myself whenever I needed to study and such, especially since I am very much central to myself.

Otaku experience in Japan Study Trip group

Can you tell us about the school you studied at?

Akamonkai is really good. The teachers are great,  you have a lot of fun in the classes, the school is easy to find, and the group is great. Even my Japanese has become way better. Before it was mostly what you’d find in anime. But now, I am able to even order from a menu, simple things like “can I have some of this”, which I couldn’t do before.

I am so glad we were able to help you get that far. On that note, what is your favorite Japanese word?

Ikou! (行こう!), means “lets go!” in a really enthusiastic way, which I feel captures how I feel about the course in general.

Has the Otaku Experience in Japan been everything you expected?

Yep. It even surpassed all of my expectations!

Great! last but not least, would you recommend our Study Trips to other people?

Most definitely! Japan sounds so intimidating and so far away to go to, especially since it’s an island.  It’s a culture shock, seeing as how it’s SO different from Western culture. But it’s great, everyone is lovely, especially the locals! I’d definitely recommend it.

Any final words?

If you are scared of traveling, that’s understandable. But when you get here everything just ebbs away, everything is easy, everyone is nice and eventually, you’ll be screaming Ikou! (行こう!) with me.

ありがとうございます(thank you very much) and we at Go! Go! Nihon are so glad you managed to have a great time during your stay on the Otaku Japan trip.

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