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If you’re moving to Japan to study long-term, then you’ll want a comfortable place to stay that won’t break the bank. But finding affordable accommodation in Japan as a foreigner can often be tricky. That’s why Go! Go! Nihon partners with the best accommodation providers who are both foreigner-friendly and offer excellent options for all needs.

Let’s take a look at our options!

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Temporary accommodation options

A popular option for students when first arriving in the country is to book an Airbnb or a room in a hotel. This is a viable option, however we strongly recommend students move into their permanent accommodation within 14 days of arriving in Japan.

This is because it’s compulsory to register your place of residence at your local ward or municipality office within 14 days of entering the country. Since hotels and Airbnb are temporary accommodation, you cannot use these addresses to register.

It’s also important to register because you won’t be able to sign up for the national health insurance scheme until you have a registered place of residence. We recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover any period where you are in Japan, but not registered for national health insurance.

We’re partnered with WorldTrips and recommend them as a reliable insurance broker. Their insurance package covers both medical and travel expenses, as well as charges incurred in the case of COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2.

You can sign up here:

Share houses

This is the top choice for budget-conscious students who want a comfortable place to live in and who want to make friends easily in a foreign country.

Usually, you will pay a set monthly amount to cover your rent and utilities and you will get your own room with bed and storage, as well as a desk and chair in some places. Bathrooms, toilets, kitchen, utensils, kitchenware and living room are normally shared with other share house residents.

Share house companies usually also hold regular social events at the share houses to encourage residents to get together.

Our share house partners in Tokyo are:

  • Interwhao
  • Oak House
  • Be Good Japan

Average monthly rent: 50-70,000 yen.
Average monthly utility fees: 7-10,000 yen.

In Osaka, they are:

  • Oak House
  • J&F Plaza

Average monthly rent: 40-50,000 yen.
Average monthly utility fees: 7-10,000 yen.

In Kyoto:

  • Oak House

Average monthly rent: 40-50,000 yen.
Average monthly utility fees: 7-10,000 yen.

In Kobe:

  • J&F Plaza
  • Borderless House

Average monthly rent: 40-50,000 yen.
Average monthly utility fees: 7-10,000 yen.

Room with bed and desk


If you would prefer more privacy and having your own space, then apartments are your best choice. They will cost more to rent though, especially if you are studying in Tokyo, and they are often smaller in size than you are probably used to in your home country. Read more about Japan’s small living spaces here.

In Tokyo, we work with the following companies to help students find apartments:

  • Oak House
  • Interwhao
  • Fontana

Average monthly rent: 80-100,000 yen.
Average monthly utility fees: 15,000 yen.

In Kyoto and Osaka:

  • Oak House

Average monthly rent: 60-70,000 yen.
Average monthly utility fees: 15,000 yen.

Host family

Living with a host family is the best way to get to know Japanese culture, society, language and way of life. It’s a full immersive experience and it is normally expected that you will help with chores and be a respectful guest.

Go! Go! Nihon partners with Nextage Homestay in Japan, which works with thousands of host families across Japan.

Monthly rent up to 72 nights: 147,000 yen.
Monthly rent for more than 73 nights: 118,500 yen.
Monthly utility fees: included.

Apply now!

Apply with us to study at a Japanese language school and you will have the chance to get accommodation in Japan with one of our partners. Usually, reservations are available around one month prior to arriving in Japan.

You can contact our partners for more information from our accommodation page.

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