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Life in Japan
Convenience stores, or conbini (コンビニ), in Japan truly live up to their name. From buying food and drinks to paying your bills, the services available at convenience stores in Japan are guaranteed to make your...
Fierce samurais, rich feudal lords, heavenly emperors, and you can bet even the farmers on the rice field have shared a toast of Japanese sake (酒) with the deities. The alcoholic beverage from Japan has a...
Japanese Culture
Japanese green tea (茶, cha) is a very important part of Japanese culture and the accompanying ceremony is one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement. The Japanese tea ceremony is called sadō (茶道) or...
Only in Japan
Spring is perhaps the most popular season of the year in Japan. Snow has been melting, the weather has begun to warm, and beautiful cherry blossoms are blooming to paint the landscape in soft pink...
A trip to a Japanese izakaya is a must if you’re visiting Japan and probably a regular part of your life if you move here. Even if you don’t drink it’s a great place to...
Only in Japan
Japanese drinking culture is just as good as you might hope it is. If you like a tipple then you won’t be disappointed. However, it’s worth having a bit of an overview before you get...

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In 2009, after meeting and studying at a Japanese language school together, Davide and John start working on a project that will make the process of living and studying in Japan much easier. The idea for Go! Go! Nihon is born. The service and website is launched with Italian, Swedish, and English language support. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first long-term students start the October session that year.

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