Love is in the air: Japanese to use on a date

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Going on a date can be nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about the language barrier as well. If you’re in the dating game in Japan, then chances are you’ll want some Japanese that you can use while on a date. 

Even if you’re not fully proficient yet, using Japanese on a date can help immensely in building a connection with the other person while also helping you to develop your Japanese communication skills too.

Small talk & conversation starters

Every date needs some conversation starters. And even if you hate small talk, you might find that some of these phrases come in handy on your date.

Kyou wa dou deshitaka?
How was your day?

Shigoto wa nan desuka?
What do you do for work?

Shigoto wa dou deshita ka?
How was work? 

Senshuumatsu wa nani wo shimashitaka?
What did you do last weekend? 

Raishuumatsu wa nani wo shimasuka?
What are you going to do next weekend?

Shumi wa nan desuka?
What are your hobbies?

Jimoto wa doko desuka?
Where are you from? (As in: where is your hometown?)

Jimoto wa donna tokoro desuka?
What kind of place is your hometown?

Kono restoran/kafe/basho wa dou omoimasuka?
What do you think of this restaurant/cafe/place?

Conversation starters infographic English


What great date doesn’t include some compliments? Here are some in Japanese that you can use on your next date.

Kawaii/kakkoii desu ne!
You’re cute/handsome!

Yasashii desu ne
You’re kind.
*You can replace the adjective with other words such as: subarashii すばらしい (wonderful), sugoi すごい (amazing, great), jouzu 上手 (you’re good at), kiyou 器用 (skillful), atama ga ii 頭がいい (smart) etc.

Sono fuku ni atteru
That clothing suits you.
*Again, you can replace the noun with other words like: shatsu シャツ (shirt), wanpiisu ワンピース (dress), kutsu(shoes), etc. You can also say someone’s job – shigoto 仕事 – suits them, too. 

If you’re given a compliment, you can return it by saying:

(Your date’s name) is also kind.

Or you can also say, sochira koso そちらこそ, which means “likewise”.

It’s very common to respond to compliments with humility in Japan, so you would say something like:

Sonna koto nai desu!
That’s not the case!

Remember: it’s always polite to first thank the other person for the compliment before denying it.

You can also express how happy you are to be complimented by saying:

Ureshii desu!
I’m glad! (As in: that made me happy)

Again, it’s always more polite to thank the other person first and then follow it up with your expression of gratitude.

Moving things along

If things are going well with your date, you can suggest to move on to another activity or place so you can spend more time together. 

You can ask:

Doko ka hoka no restoran/kafe ni ikimashouka?
Shall we go to another restaurant/cafe?

If you know a place, you can tell your date:

ii restoran/kafe shitte imasu yo!
I know a good restaurant/cafe!

Or you can ask:

ii restoran/kafe wo shitte imasuka?
Do you know a good restaurant/cafe?

Ending the date

Hopefully your date has gone well and although you might not want to, it’s time to end the night. Some phrases that might be useful include:

Totemo tanoshikatta desu!
I had a lot of fun!

Mata aemasuka?
Can we meet again?

Denwa shimasu ne.
I’ll call you.

If things progress and start getting serious, make sure to check out our article on how to express love in Japanese to learn some phrases and get some cultural insight into how to tell someone you love them.

Hopefully you’ll learn some useful Japanese to use on your next date through this article and if you’re interested in more language articles, make sure to follow our blog.

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