How Go! Go! Nihon can help you find jobs in Japan

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Working part-time while you study is a great way to earn some extra money. As a Japanese language student, there’s the added benefit of being able to practise your Japanese at your part-time job too. But where do you find these jobs in Japan?

Go! Go! Nihon has many ways to help you find some part and full-time jobs in Japan. Read on to learn how.

Filling in documents for student visa

Part-time working permit

Before you go ahead and send your job application off, you need to first ensure you have a part-time job permit for Japan. We have an entire article dedicated to this topic, so please read all the information there.

Basically, you will need to apply for your permit when you arrive in Japan. For students who come through Go! Go! Nihon, we will send you a form which you can fill out and hand over to immigration when they check your passport upon arrival.

Note that there are certain jobs you are not allowed to do while on a part-time work permit in Japan. This includes jobs in the adult entertainment industry such as working in night clubs, girls bars, pachinko parlors, etc. If you get caught working these types of jobs, you could be deported immediately back to your country or face an expensive fine.

Jobs in Japan Facebook page

We created our Jobs in Japan with Go Go Nihon Facebook page to help foreigners in Japan find jobs in Japan. The job opportunities range from teaching English and retail, to vacancies within our very own teams.

Follow our page to get updates each time a new opportunity arises.

Job fairs & seminars

We host both virtual and in-person events with compaies that are recruiting in Japan. In the past we have held seminars with education group Yaruki Switch and Nasic, a Japanese company that helps foreign students with career development.

Keep an eye out on our official Facebook page and Jobs in Japan page for the next event.


Another way you can keep up with how to find jobs in Japan is to sign up to our newsletter. We send emails about upcoming events and job opportunities that are available to current and graduating students.

You can sign up for our newsletter by filling in your name and email address at the top of our homepage.

Go! Go! Nihon student community

If you’re one of our students, you’ll know about our Go! Go! Nihon student community on Facebook. We’ll often share job opportunities there too, as well as offer job advice, so make sure to keep an eye out there if you’re part of the group.

Note that this is a private group for our students only so you will not be able to access this group if you’re not proven to be one of our current or former students.

Person at a laptop with screen showing the Intercultural Institute Business Japanese online course

Online business course

This isn’t a way to find jobs in Japan per se, however if you are serious about working in Japan in the future you need to know business Japanese. That’s why, together with the Intercultural Institute of Japan, we created a business Japanese course. The full course is paid, however we also offer a free taster course that will give the very basics of business Japanese, how to answer business phone calls and how to address clients in business Japanese.

All of these skills are crucial to succeeding in the Japanese workplace once you find a job in Japan.

Job support from schools

Many of our schools offer support with finding jobs in Japan, too. Some have notice boards where they will put up job ads. These tend to be for part-time jobs, for example at a local izakaya or babysitting.

Your school may also offer special courses to help students prepare for working in Japan. This may include help with preparing resumes, business Japanese language classes, how to interview in Japanese, and so on.

What we can’t help you with

While we partner with organisations that want to recruit people for vacancies, we do not offer an individualised service to help students find jobs. Similarly, while we give advice from time-to-time for those looking to find jobs in Japan, studying in Japan is our main focus.

There are dedicated recruitment companies and job boards in Japan that offer recruitment services placing foreigners in full time roles in Japan. Some of the more prolific agencies and platforms include Daijob, Robert Walters and Michael Page.

Got questions? Contact us! And don’t forget to read our other articles for handy tips for life in Japan.

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