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Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy offers students the opportunity to study Japanese in a conveniently-located & new facility, while also experiencing extracurricular activities in an area of Japan that boasts delicious food, breathtaking nature and a variety of entertainment. The school is also proud of its closely-knit atmosphere, with students from around the world working together with staff to create a friendly yet productive environment.

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Prices starting from


Prices starting from


24 months

Study at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy with Go! Go! Nihon

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Spots are limited, and deadlines are subject to change. We recommend all students to contact Go! Go! Nihon and submit their application well in advance of the deadline. We are also accepting applications for the October 2024 term.

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

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Friendly atmosphere

Students and teachers maintain a happy, involved and respectful attitude at Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy. The staff at this school offers full support to students whether it be about study or daily life. Extra meetings with teachers can be arranged during break times or after class.

Accepts beginner students

Even if you’ve never studied Japanese before, that’s not a problem! You can start from scratch at this school.

Student lounge available

Mix and mingle with your fellow students or do some last minute studying in the student lounge.

English speaking staff available

There will be English-speaking staff available to assist you with any issues that may arise during your time at the school.

Full time employement support

From preparing you for interviews to teaching you proper business Japanese, this school provides support for when you’re ready to join the Japanese workforce.

Part time job support

The school provides support by posting available part-time jobs in the area and preparing you for the interview.

Interact with Japanese students

Students will also have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Japanese Students through various events organised by the school.

Small classes

Smaller than average class sizes means that each student gets more attention compared to other schools.

Student dorm

The school runs and operates a number of dormitories located within a short distance from the school. These dormitories are a very cheap option for any student on a budget!


Our school is located in Sapporo.

SAPPORO – Sapporo is the 4th largest city in Japan and is famous for the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, which attracts over 2 million tourists from all over the world. The city is also famous for seafood, ramen, and, of course, Sapporo beer! Being one of Japan’s newest cities by Japanese standards it lacks a lot of traditional architecture like Kyoto; however, it more than makes up for it with a ton of things that you can only find in Sapporo! Hokkaido’s untamed wilderness and national parks make up the majority of Japan’s largest prefecture. Due to its Northern location, you can escape Japan’s dreaded muggy summers and rainy season and enjoy a long winter ski season. If you enjoy a modern city in the middle of beautiful untouched nature, Hokkaido’s the place to be.


Nishinijuhacchome (7 min)
Tozai line

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Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

Our Japanese Courses

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy


The Academic Advancement Course focuses on preparation for entering higher education in Japan including educational support for the JLPT as well as entrance exams for Japanese universities. You will gain an all-around knowledge of all 4 aspects of learning a new language - reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Course length

3 months
12 - 24 months

Available starts

April - July - October
School usually starts in the first or second week of the month’s term start.

Schedule (weekdays)

Morning class 09:00 to 12:30
Afternoon class 13:00 to 17:00
Course hours per week: 20

Other features

JLPT prep elective classes
These JLPT classes will prepare you for levels N2 or N1. They will focus on teaching you techniques to pass the test and will focus on the different sections that you will encounter in the test.

Higher education prep
This elective class prepares you for the EJU test, which is required for all students aiming to attend university in Japan.

School Intensity
This school is of medium-high intensity which means that they teach material at a very efficient pace. In general, you can expect to study daily for about 2 hours outside of class, depending on your level. So if you're someone who is serious about Japanese and committed to learning quickly yet still want some free time, this school could be right for you!

3 months


12 months


18 months


21 months


24 months



Total course costs

For long-term students (studying for 6 months or more), textbooks, insurance and annual medical check are included in the costs.


Term breakdown

TERM 1-2
The beginner course follows the みんなの日本語初級Ⅰ/Minnano Nihongo Elementary 1 and looks to apply it against everyday situations to help you get settled in Japanese life. The target level for starters is JLPT N5.

TERM 3-4
Following on from the beginner course the focus moves up towards JLPT N3 and uses the みんなの日本語中級Ⅰ/Minnano Nihongo Chuukyuu 1 textbook as a guide to build on the foundation established at beginner level. Students will become more confident in their usage and be more comfortable conversation.

TERM 5-6
Finally, the advanced level moves to more complex communication with JLPT N2-N1 level work. The work does not use a specific textbook at this level so that the classes may be adapted to the students specific needs.

Hokkaido Japanese Language Academy

Student demographics

Students come from all over the world to study at this school.

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Tuition Costs Breakdown

Weekly course fees

3 months fees

Application Fee: ¥11,000
Tuition Fee: ¥160,000

6 months fees

9 months fees

12 months fees

Application Fee: ¥30,000
Enrollment Fee: ¥66,000
Tuition Fee: ¥600,000
Other Fees: ¥88,000

15 months fees

18 months fees

Application Fee: ¥30,000
Enrollment Fee: ¥66,000
Tuition Fee: ¥900,000
Other Fees: ¥132,000

21 months fees

Application Fee: ¥30,000
Enrollment Fee: ¥66,000
Tuition Fee: ¥1,050,000
Other Fees: ¥154,000

24 months fees

Application Fee: ¥30,000
Enrollment Fee: ¥66,000
Tuition Fee: ¥1,200,000
Other Fees: ¥176,000

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