Top 5 reasons to study in Japan in April

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A lot of magic happens during the spring in Japan, think cherry blossoms in full bloom and a fresh start to the school year in April – that is the kind of backdrop we’re talking about. When deciding to study at a language school, it’s always better to start planning sooner rather than later.

So, if you are wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to study in Japan in April, we’ll guide you through the top 5 reasons to consider it!

Tokyo Skytree surrounded by cherry blossoms.

1. The 2-Year Visa Opportunity

The #1 reason to study in Japan in April is the unique two-year visa opportunity. Starting at a Japanese language school during the spring allows students to renew their visas for the maximum limit of two years. Taking advantage of the visa extension gives students the ability to learn the language and enjoy the culture without feeling rushed. So, If you want to study Japanese for the longest time possible in Japan, April is the perfect term to start fresh and begin your journey! 

If you are wondering how Japanese language school terms work and what other months you can enter Japan and study, read more here.

2. Study Japanese from Beginner to JLPT N2

The second reason for choosing to study in Japan in April is that it sets you up for a longer and more relaxed language-learning journey. Because of the two-year visa extension, even beginners can work their way up to a good level of Japanese by the end of their studies.

Study in Japan in April and take the JLPT

One of the most common ways to gauge your Japanese level is by taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or JLPT. The JLPT is offered twice a year in Japan, once in July and once in December. If you come during the spring and extend your visa while studying hard at language school, you can take the JLPT up to four times and reach the N2 level. After passing the JLPT, you receive a certification of your language ability that can help you pursue further education or a career in Japan.

If you are serious about learning Japanese, coming to study in Japan in April gives you the chance to extend your stay at a language school, thus giving you more time to study. Having more time means you can learn steadily, and more time to achieve the JLPT N2, which is the general level accepted to enter most universities and companies in Japan.

Student that came to study in Japan in April, looking at cherry blossom trees and carrying a backpack.

3. More time to prepare for entering a University

The third benefit is that the beginning of the school year in Japan starts in the spring, so if your goal is to move on to higher education then April sets you up with more time to prepare.

As mentioned, most universities in Japan will require students whose native language is not Japanese, to have a JLPT score of at least N2 as an entry requirement. By taking advantage of the ability to study at a language school for two years beforehand, students not only have a better chance to improve their Japanese skills but also have more time to tour campuses.

Depending on the university you want to apply to in Japan, there are usually open campuses that students can register for and tour in person, as well as get exclusive information about their programs. By going to language school in Japan in April, and having the chance to study on a two-year visa, there is more time for students to attend these types of events.

Choosing to study in Japan in April at a language school first, will set you up for academic success at a higher education institution in Japan later.

4. Extra time to be career-ready

Studying in Japan in April can be a smart choice because students utilizing the visa will have extra time to study Japanese, and it lines up with when many companies hire new employees. Around the time you graduate from language school, is the same time when the traditional Japanese school year ends. This means you’ll be all set to start looking for a job just when companies are on the hunt for fresh talent. This makes it more likely that you’ll find a job in Japan, especially if you want to use your language skills in a professional job.

So, if you want to kick-start your career, choosing to study in Japan in April at a language school could give you an edge. However, it should be noted that most companies require workers to hold a bachelor’s degree to sponsor a work visa.

5. Perfect time to travel

Coming to study in Japan in April gives students a special opportunity to see the beauty of the country, shortly after arrival. Because of the fantastic weather and Golden Week, students arriving in the spring can quickly experience some of the best and richest parts of the culture. During this time, Japan’s cherry blossoms are in full bloom, painting the country in stunning shades of pink.

Soon after language school students arrive, the end of the month starts the Golden Week holiday in Japan. With pleasant temperatures and clear skies, students have an entire week to explore amazing landscapes, visit historic sites, and find their footing in the country before language studies become more intense.

Wondering where to study?

April in Japan is like a colorful and exciting journey waiting to be explored! If you’re still considering whether or not to study in Japan in April, we hope to have given you some good insight. Remember that you should start the application process as soon as possible, it’s better to start planning a year to eight months before. Get in touch with a Go! Go! Niihon coordinator for free, reach out through our contact form, and we’ll help you find the perfect language school, and guide you through the application process for free. 
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