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Enseigne du Study Abroad Bar l'un des meilleurs coins pour les étudiants à Tokyo.

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Living in Tokyo and studying abroad can be one of the most exciting times of your life, but learning a new language, navigating a large city, and being away from home can sometimes feel isolating. For some, finding the perfect student hangout spots in Tokyo to de-stress, make new friends, and enjoy a comfort food or two can make or break their experience in Japan.

Let’s explore some of the most popular cafes, bars, and restaurants for international students to make friends, get work done, and find a home away from home!

Person studying Japanese at  a cafe. Iced matcha and cheese cake lay on the table.

Student hangout spots in Tokyo

Whether you are looking for an aesthetic cafe to sit down and study, a bar frequented by locals to practice your Japanese, or a hidden spot to unwind and be the main character, there are student hangout spots in Tokyo for everyone.

Cafes for Studying

Here’s a list of recommended cafes around Tokyo for getting homework done in a comfortable environment. If you’re looking for a more detailed guide to cafes to study at all around the country, check out our article on study spots in Japan

Akha Ama Coffee – Located in the trendy Kagurazaka neighborhood of Shinjuku Tokyo, Akha Ama Coffee shop comes highly recommended by the Go! Go! Nihon French coordinator team for a quiet place to study or work. This space is known for its delicious Thai coffee and the mix of loyal international and local customers. Head in early and secure a spot near one of the shop’s large windows, you won’t regret it.

Caffice – This coworking cafe directly connected to Shinjuku station combines the concept of a diner and internet cafe equipped with free Wi-Fi and outlets to plug in a laptop at every seat. Caffice is one of the top student hangout spots in Tokyo for international and local students to meet up with classmates, work on projects, and practice Japanese without the fear of being too loud or staying too long.

Manuscript writing cafe – If you have an upcoming writing assignment but keep getting distracted by the endless fun activities offered in Tokyo, reserve a seat at the manuscript writing cafe in Koenji. This cafe offers a unique twist; you can’t leave until you’ve finished your assignment. The seats can be reserved online in advance, and the charge is ¥480 an hour for a counter seat or ¥720 for a table. Each seat is equipped with power outlets and USB fast charging ports. Customers can also bring snacks and drinks into the cafe. One thing to note this is a silent cafe, so try to keep any stress crying to a minimum.

Latte Graphic – Looking for a way to sustainably fill your stomach while you study Japanese? Then search no further the Latte Graphic cafe in the Jiyugaoka neighborhood of Meguro Tokyo is the place for you, the Australian cuisine is a bonus. The layout of Latte Graphic makes it one of the chillest student spots to get some reading done or catch up on some assignments while grabbing a hearty meal without the need to rush.

Cafe ASAN – When imagining Ueno Tokyo, many people think of the famous zoo or the countless museums lining the city streets, but students think of Cafe ASAN. During the week you’ll find many Japanese university students sitting at the unique hammock seats with outlets, and working on their assignments. The hammock seats are limited to a certain area of the cafe, but the fluffy pancakes served there can enjoyed at all seats.

Interior of the Study Abroad Pub in Tokyo.

Best bar spots to meet local students

Tokyo has an unlimited number of bars and izakayas to unwind at after a long day, but finding the perfect place with the right atmosphere can be a challenge. The age to enjoy alcoholic beverages in Japan is 20 years old, but these student hangout spots in Tokyo also offer non-alcoholic and mocktail options, so anyone can enjoy a night out.

Study Abroad Pub – The study abroad pub was made for Japanese and international university students to meet, making it one of the best student hangout spots in Tokyo. Practice studying other languages, play games, and enjoy delicious cocktails. Located in the heart of Shinjuku Tokyo and close to Shin-Okubo station, this pub is known for being a great spot to make lifelong friends and memories for students from all over the world. If we haven’t convinced you yet, receive 20% off drinks at weekly events when you show your student ID!

Bacon – Inside, you’ll find the Sci-Fi vibe you’ve been looking for since you arrived in Japan. Located in Okubo in Shinjuku Tokyo, this space is like walking into another world that combines an art gallery and pub, with pop-up DJs and events on the weekends, and a calm atmosphere on the weeknights. Enjoy a cocktail and take a trip to the future here while making new friends.

Yoyogi Milk Hall – Feel like unwinding and going back in time? Visit the bar that will whisk you and your friends back to the Showa era of Japan with cheap cocktails and music from a bygone era. Yoyogi Milk Hall located in Yoyogi Tokyo will give you a blast from the past, and help any student forget about that test they have tomorrow.

Unique Cafe hangouts for students

If you’re looking for the top-rated student hangout spots in Tokyo for the vibes then look no further. Your view of Tokyo and your Instagram account will be changed forever, don’t forget to take a picture!

Coffee Zingaro – If you’re into art and are into the funky creations of the famous artist Takashi Murakami, then visit this cafe during your study abroad in Japan, and take a few photos, you won’t regret it. Located in Nakano Tokyo, and conveniently inside the Nakano Broadway, it’s the perfect place to sit down with classmates and enjoy a retro cup of coffee on a rainy day.

Rokunen yonkumi izakaya – As a language school or university student in Japan, you may have missed out on the chance to experience primary school in the country. Rokunen Yonkumi with locations in Shinjuku and Shibuya is one of the only places to go to a Japanese school with food and cocktails. Bring a group of your current classmates, for a totally strange evening that you may or may not regret.

Four people holding glasses and making a toast.

More fun in Japan

Whether staying in Japan for the long term or just a short trip, we hope you have the time to check out Go! Go! Nihon’s top recommended student hangout spots in Tokyo before you leave!

If you like to read more about Japanese culture, life, and study in Japan make sure to follow our blog where we cover everything you need to know, and more!

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