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Study in Japan So you want to study Japanese in Japan? Great choice! There are many different kinds of language schools in Japan to fit your needs. Googling a specific school can be unreliable, so it’s best to do your homework as best as possible in order for you to enjoy your life in Japan. Studying Japanese in Japan is the best and fastest way to improve your language ability. (more...)

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  • ... that in Japan there are 127.288.419 inhabitants with an average of 337 per km²
  • ... there are 2,217,426 registered foreigners in Japan, representing 1.74% of the population. Most of them are Chinese 655,337 (29.6%), Koreans 589,239 (26.6%), Brazilians 312,582 (14.1%) and Filipinos 210,617 (9.5%).
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