The International Center for Language and Culture (ICLC) is a Japanese language school located on the tropical Okinawa Island. Established in 1983, ICLC is the island’s oldest Japanese education institute. In that time, it’s seen students from over 50 countries pass through its doors and benefit from the school’s high quality language education.

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Prices starting from


Prices starting from


Prices starting from


24 months


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Incredible staff support

From personal consultation in regards to study and elective choices, the school provides above and beyond support in regards to employment. Specific counseling is offered to the student even after their language studies.

Embrace the island life while studying

Thanks to its tropical location, ICLC is a must for students who love easy access to some of Japan’s best beaches and warm weather. Okinawa is surrounded by more than 160 islands, which students can explore on day and weekend trips during their time off from studying.

International study environment

ICLC has the most international student population in Okinawa. This is partly because Okinawa is home to 26,000 people from the United States and other countries. Many of the international residents choose ICLC to enrich their Japanese language skills and understanding of the local culture.

Fun cultural activities

Outside of the classroom, ICLC offers Eisa (an Okinawan folk dance) and Karate workshops, as well as other fun outdoors activities that you’ll only find in Okinawa.

Accepts beginner students

Even if you’ve never studied Japanese before, that’s not a problem! You can start from scratch at this school.

Part-time job support

The school provides support by posting available part-time jobs in the area and preparing you for the interview.

Support for finding full-time employment

From preparing you for interviews to teaching you proper business Japanese, this school provides support for when you’re ready to join the Japanese workforce.

English-speaking staff available

There will be English-speaking staff available to assist you with any issues that may arise during your time at the school.

Wifi available

Free Wifi is available to students.


Our school is located in Naha, Okinawa.

ICLC is located in Naha, the cultural and economic center of Okinawa. You can enjoy the local food and souvenir markets in “Kokusai Dori”, visit World Heritage Sites such as “Shuri Castle” and “Shikinaen Royal Garden”, and take part in marine activities such as snorkeling and diving.


Oroku Station (5 min)

Yui Rail

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Our Japanese Courses


Essential Japanese Course

These classes focus on developing Japanese language skills for both daily conversation and preparing for JLPT.

Course length

3 months
6 - 24 months

Available starts

January - April - July - October

Schedule (weekdays)

Morning Class 8:45 to 12:00
Afternoon Class 13:15 to 16:30
Course hours per week: 15
Classes are either in the morning or in the afternoon based on your level of Japanese.

Other features

School Intensity
Medium intensity means the school gives you a perfect balance between study pace and free time. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your life in Japan, while still being able to effectively progress your studies.

Student demographics
Nepal - 40%
China - 15%
US - 10%
Vietnam - 10%
France - 5%
Other Countries - 20%

3 months


6 months


12 months


18 months


21 months


24 months



Total course costs

Textbook fees are included in the above prices. For those paying the tuition fee in installments, an extra one-off 20,000 yen fee will be charged. Short-term prices indicated are for those applying with a Tourist or Working Holiday Visa. If you are applying for 3 months with a different type of visa, prices will be different. Contact us for more information.


Term breakdown

TERM 1 - 3
Classes will focus on conversational Japanese based on basic grammar, kanji, and vocabulary. Main textbooks: Marugoto, Minna no Nihongo

TERM 4 - 6
Classes will focus on writing, listening, speaking, reading to pass the JLPT N4 - N3. Main textbooks: Minna no Nihongo

TERM 7 - 9
Classes will focus on passing JLPT N2 and above for those who wish to attain business and academic-level Japanese. Main textbooks: Chuukyuu wo Manabou, Joukyu de Manabu Nihongo


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Tuition Costs Breakdown

Weekly course fees

3 months fees

Tuition Fee ¥180,000
Other Fees ¥33,000

6 months fees

Application Fee ¥22,000
Enrollment Fee ¥77,000
Tuition Fee ¥372,000
Other Fees ¥18,000

9 months fees

12 months fees

Application Fee ¥22,000
Enrollment Fee ¥77,000
Tuition Fee ¥744,000
Other Fees ¥18,000

15 months fees

18 months fees

Application Fee ¥22,000
Enrollment Fee ¥77,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,116,000
Other Fees ¥36,000

21 months fees

Application Fee ¥22,000
Enrollment Fee ¥77,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,302,000
Other Fees ¥36,000

24 months fees

Application Fee ¥22,000
Enrollment Fee ¥77,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,488,000
Other Fees ¥36,000