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Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College

Kurume Seminar started in 1967 as a cram school for Japanese people. In the early 21st century, the Japanese Language Department was established in line with the spread of the global economy and the development of Asian countries. This school also offers classes to learn about Japanese culture and provides information to help students adapt to Japanese society. In addition to providing career guidance and education for the future after learning Japanese, Kurume Seminar supports each student in taking steps toward realizing their dreams after studying Japanese.

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Prices starting from


Prices starting from


Prices starting from


24 months


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Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College


Experienced teachers

Students will be taught and given individual career guidance by experienced and enthusiastic teachers with an average of more than 15 years in Japanese language education.

Life and part-time job support

From airport pick-ups to paperwork, healthcare, and part-time job introduction, this school offers generous and warm support to students who want to start a new life in Japan.

Student dormitory available - Private rooms with home appliances and Wi-Fi

The school-owned dorm (2.7 km to school, 13 minutes by bike) has a total of 40 shared apartment units accommodating 120 people. Each unit has 3 private bedrooms equipped with Wi-Fi and air conditioners. The kitchen, bathroom and home appliances are shared. Indoor smoking is permitted.

Various scholarships available

A variety of financial aid is available, including financial incentives for those who pass the JLPT N1 and N2 test, JASSO Study Incentive Grants, and Kurume City International Student Incentive Grants.


Our school is located in Kurume.

Our school is located in Kurume. The city is known as a major transportation hub boasting railroads, bullet trains, as well as highways and is only 30 minutes away from Fukuoka. Students also have the chance to be immersed in nature with the tranquil Chikugo River, picturesque mountains, mild climate, and year-round blooming flowers while they study here.

The city also takes pride in its cultural heritage, having produced numerous cultural and artistic figures. Notably, Kurume is certified as a “Safe Community” by the World Health Organization (WHO) and was granted the “safe and secure city” certification. It offers an ideal study destination for students looking for a balance between city living and access to nature.


Nishitetsu KURUME(3min)
Nishitetsu Omuta Line

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Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College

Our Japanese Courses

Kurume Seminar Specialized Training College

General Japanese Course

In addition to learning Japanese at a daily conversation level to survive in Japanese society, you will prepare for tests from an early stage, aiming to pass the JLPT or obtain high scores on the EJU exam. Career education will also begin in the first year of study with your future goals in mind. You will learn Japanese customs and culture through activities in class, and you will also learn about Japan on a daily basis.

Course length

3 months
6 - 24 months

Available starts

April - October

Schedule (weekdays)

Morning class 09:10 to 12:40
Afternoon class 13:30 to 17:00
Course hours per week: 20
Classes are either in the morning or in the afternoon, based on your level of Japanese.

Other features

JLPT prep elective classes
You will study to prepare for the JLPT, including working on mock examinations for each level in class. Intensive lectures will be offered in the week before the test.

Higher education prep elective class
EJU preparation classes are offered in the pre-advanced and higher levels.

Conversation class
Conversation is taught in all levels.

Business class
For students who wish to work in Japan in the future, the school will explain how to find employment in Japan and obtain a work visa. There will also be a class where you will learn how to write resumes and interview for jobs. The school will also connect you with recruitment agencies.

Japanese culture class
You will experience Japanese culture, and learn about Japanese society in class and through activities with local Japanese high school students.

School intensity
Medium intensity means the school gives you a perfect balance between study pace and free time. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your life in Japan, while still being able to effectively progress your studies.

Student demographics
Nepal - 58%
Vietnam - 38%
Korea - 1%
Philippine - 1%
Other - 2%

3 months


6 months


12 months


18 months


24 months



Total course costs

The total course costs in these charts include class time, staff guidance, study material, textbooks, school activities, medical exam, and accident insurance.


Term breakdown


Using built-upon grammar, you will learn the basics of the Japanese language in order to be able to have daily conversations and express yourself.
You will also start learning kanji at the N5 level, and prepare for the JLPT N4 level.

Main textbooks: Minna no Nihongo I and II, Kanji Master N5 and N4


Aim to be able to think and speak Japanese in chunks and exchange opinions in Japanese. From this level, you will spend more time on preparation for the EJU and JLPT test. Main textbooks: Chukyu e Iko, Theme Betsu Chukyu Kara Manabu Nihongo, Kanji Master N3 and N2


Learn advanced Japanese that you will be using in your career path, such as going on to higher education or entering a working environment. Practice interviews and essay preparation are also covered in class. Main textbooks: Theme betsu Jokyu de manabu Nihongo, Kanji Master N1


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Tuition Costs Breakdown

Weekly course fees

3 months fees

Application Fee ¥0
Enrollment Fee ¥0
Tuition Fee ¥160,000
Other Fees ¥15,000

6 months fees

Application Fee ¥0
Enrollment Fee ¥100,000
Tuition Fee ¥320,000
Other Fees ¥30,000

9 months fees

12 months fees

Application Fee ¥0
Enrollment Fee ¥100,000
Tuition Fee ¥640,000
Other Fees ¥60,000

15 months fees

18 months fees

Application Fee ¥0
Enrollment Fee ¥100,000
Tuition Fee ¥960,000
Other Fees ¥90,000

21 months fees

24 months fees

Application Fee ¥0
Enrollment Fee ¥100,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,280,000
Other Fees ¥120,000

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