Coronavirus updates for language students within Japan

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This article is no longer updated. As of October 11, 2022, Japan has fully reopened its borders. For the latest information, read our article on entry requirements for students, or check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Foreign students who are due to end their studies in Japan in March and are concerned about the coronavirus in their home country, or will find it difficult to return back to their home country, will be given extra options to extend their stay in Japan.

The Ministry of Justice, the department that is responsible for language schools’ procedures and student visas has announced that due to the ongoing uncertainty around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) that they will take extra measures to ensure the safety of foreign students.

Extension of stay for foreign language students currently in Japan

Students with student visas ending in March

  1. Students can apply to get a 6-month student visa extension, even if they have already studied for the full time that their student visa normally allows. To do this, students need to agree to continue studying at their school and submit a student visa extension application. Please speak to your school as soon as possible if you would like to do this.
  2. They can take a 30-day tourist visa by changing from a student visa. Students can do this by going directly to immigration.

Students with tourist visa ending in March

  1. Students who hold a tourist visa are able to get an additional 30-day tourist visa extension. This can be done directly by students by going to immigration.

The full details of the extension process have not yet been published. Therefore, it is not yet clear which documents you will need to provide as evidence to show you will have difficulty returning to your country. We recommend speaking to your school directly, as they are being given further guidelines from the Ministry of Justice on what to do.

As always we will do our best to update you with news as quickly as possible, please feel free to contact us directly for more details.

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