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Software engineering is one of the most coveted jobs in the world, and Japan is one of the best places to be for innovation and technology. The great thing is you can become a qualified software engineer in as little as three months through a coding bootcamp in Japan.

Code Chrysalis offers coding bootcamps in Tokyo for those who want to find a job as a software engineer, who want a career change, or those who are simply interested in learning how to code. 

Read more about Code Chrysalis, their bootcamps, and what you need to apply. 

What is Code Chrysalis?

Code Chrysalis is a Silicon Valley-style coding bootcamp in the heart of Tokyo that helps people become full-stack software engineers in just 12 weeks of full-time study.

It is the only coding bootcamp in Asia that supports students long after they graduate, helping with everything from crafting the perfect resume, to teaching you how to prepare for interviews in the tech industry.

Around 90% of Code Chrysalis graduates go on to find employment after they finish studying. Previous graduates have received offers from the likes of Google, Mercari, Line, Sony, Rakuten, and more.

Why do a coding bootcamp in Japan?

Good software engineers are in high demand worldwide. Not only is working in tech exciting, with no two days the same, but software engineers get to exercise their problem-solving skills, tap into their creativity, and they are constantly learning and innovating. 

It’s a great career for those who like working remotely and it’s one of the few work options in Japan where you do not need a high level of Japanese language skill.

By completing a coding bootcamp with Code Chrysalis, you’ll be able to gain the essential technical skills and knowledge you need to thrive in a competitive job market, without spending years studying for a degree.

This makes a coding bootcamp perfect for those wanting a career change – even those without a technical background. In fact, most Code Chrysalis students (63%) do not come from the tech industry, and have diverse backgrounds including teaching, accounting, business, and music. The vast majority of graduates (81%) land their first jobs as software engineers, with others finding jobs as developers, project managers, and front-end engineers. 

Not wanting a career in tech, but interested in learning how to code? Doing a coding bootcamp in Japan with Code Chrysalis is a great option for you too. You’ll gain the foundations of programming and learn to think like an engineer, regardless of what your end goals are.

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Take a coding bootcamp in Japan with Code Chrysalis

In partnership with Go! Go! Nihon, Code Chrysalis offers coding courses for those with existing long-term Japan visas (e.g. Spousal Visa, Working Holiday etc), and short-term Visitor Visas. Note that Code Chrysalis does not sponsor visas.

Code Chrysalis has a full-time coding bootcamp designed to help you become a versatile and autonomous software engineer in just three months.

You will learn solid engineering practices, get to build a portfolio in the languages and tech stacks that you wish to use, and receive lifetime career support. 

For those who wish to take the full-time immersive course and who have no knowledge or experience of software engineering, there is a foundation course offered to prepare you for the coding bootcamp. This foundation course is included in the cost of the bootcamp.

Visit our website for more information: https://gogonihon.com/en/vocational-schools/tokyo/code-chrysalis/

If you’re only planning to visit Japan for a short time on a Visitor Visa, you can take part in our Coding Bootcamp Study Trip. Take coding lessons in English at Code Chrysalis HQ in Tokyo, while also taking part in fun cultural activities.

This four-week trip is perfect for those wanting to learn the basics of coding, but also want to take part in some local experiences. 

Learn more on our Study Trip website: https://studytrip.com/trip/coding-bootcamp/

For more information about short-term visas to Japan, read our article here.

How to sign up

Go! Go! Nihon makes it easy for you to apply to Code Chrysalis. Simply fill in our contact form and one of our team will get back to you!

We can also help you with finding suitable accommodation, setting up a SIM card in Japan, plus many other services you might need. Just let us know how we can help.

Students who are taking the full-immersion course and are residents of Japan can receive up to 400,000 yen per year under the Hello Work Education and Training benefit system. Learn more about what this subsidy is and how to apply here: https://www.hellowork.mhlw.go.jp/insurance/insurance_education.html

Note that in order to complete the application process for this subsidy, you need to be proficient in Japanese.

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