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Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost prefecture, but most people might recognise it as the home of Japan’s oldest beer brand. It’s one of Japan’s youngest cities, with 1868 recognised as its official birth year and a population of just 7 people in 1857.

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Homestay in Japan – Sapporo

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Nextage Homestay in Japan specializes in homestays in Japan, giving you the chance to live with a Japanese family and get the ultimate immersive study abroad experience.

Dormitory – Hokkaido

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Dormitory accommodation is a great way to save money, be close to school, and get to know your classmates. Go! Go! Nihon can provide free assistance in securing accommodation for you in a dormitory in Hokkaido.


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The capital of Japan and the largest city in the world, Tokyo is the place to be if you love the big city life. There is always something to do, incredible festivals to attend, museums to visit and plenty of places to eat and drink (great for practising your Japanese and meeting new people!). And for such a large metropolis, there are many areas where it can feel surprisingly quiet and tranquil.
Sharing a border with Tokyo, Saitama city offers easy access to nature, history, and culture. Near to the city is the historical Edo-era town of Kawagoe, and within the Saitama Prefecture lies the expansive Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. This park is popular for camping, hiking, fishing – perfect for those who enjoy the great outdoors.
Vibrant and a little rough around the edges (but with a heart of gold), Osaka is what some people consider to be the more down-to-earth alternative to Tokyo. While Osaka is the second-largest metropolitan area in Japan and the economic powerhouse of the Kansai region, it is also described by many as friendlier and more easy-going than its eastern rival.
When it comes to Japanese history and culture, you’re not going to find a place more significant than Kyoto. This city holds incredible cultural value as the former seat of the imperial court and has many temples, shrines, traditional gardens and palaces. Since it was spared from extensive damage during World War II, it is now one of Japan’s most well-preserved cities.
Kobe is located between the sea and the mountains and sits right across the bay from Osaka. Like Yokohama, it’s a major port city and was one of the first to open up to foreign trade following the end of Japan’s period of isolation.
Located just south of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture is home to Japan’s second-largest city Yokohama, beautiful national park Hakone, and the serene town of Kamakura. You can find anything in this part of the country, from onsen, nature walks, and beaches to lively festivals, temples, and shrines. The towns of Hakone and Kamakura are popular side or weekend trip destinations for those in Tokyo.

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In 2009, after meeting and studying at a Japanese language school together, Davide and John start working on a project that will make the process of living and studying in Japan much easier. The idea for Go! Go! Nihon is born. The service and website is launched with Italian, Swedish, and English language support. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first long-term students start the October session that year.

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