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What you will find in our guidebook

Guidebooks on Tokyo are a dime a dozen, with the city being one of the most popular destinations and at the top of many bucket lists. But no amount of travel information beats authentic insider tips and knowledge and that is exactly what we offer in our Tokyo Guidebook.

Go! Go! Nihon’s team is diverse and international, but together we have lived several lifetimes in Tokyo. We know all the best places to go for tourists, from the most famous sites to the places that you’ll only ever find out about if you actually live here.

We want to help visitors get a genuine and true experience of Tokyo, which is why we have gathered our collective knowledge about the city and put it into this guide.

You will find:

  • Over 300 pages rich with pictures and information
  • Detailed maps and suggested itineraries for 11 of the main areas in the city
  • 9 suggested day trips from Tokyo
  • Discounts and coupons for Tokyo’s attractions, restaurants and shops
  • Tips on social and culture etiquette
  • Lots of insider knowledge and recommendations on lesser-known locations


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“I thought it was really cool, it has a lot of things that will potentially be of so much use to me in the future and the information is so interesting.”
– Alex from Canada

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