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Akamonkai Beginner Course
Beginner level
Starting from scratch or aiming to reach the JLPT N5 level? This course is perfect for you. The first 3 days are free.
Beginner level
Completed JLPT N5? Continue your learning with this course to reach N4 level. The first 3 days are free. 
If you're around N4 level, join this course to advance your grammar and reach N3 proficiency. The first 3 days are free. 
Intercultural Institute Business Course
For those around N3 level aspiring to work in Japan, our specialized Business Japanese course is designed to bring you closer to your dream. The first week is free.

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  • Study at Your Own Pace – Our on-demand courses allow you to adapt your learning to your busy lifestyle, allowing you to study whenever and wherever you prefer.


  • Direct Interaction with teachers – If you have questions or need guidance, our student community connects you with Japanese teachers who provide personalized feedback and support. (This is only for students who purchase the course)


  • Interactive and Engaging. Learn language through captivating video exercises, quizzes, and listening activities that enhance your learning experience.


  • Comprehensive Curriculum. Our courses offer various topics – from fundamental greetings to advanced conversational skills. You’ll be well-equipped to navigate real-life situations confidently.

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