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Go! Go! Nihon organizes several events in Japan for our students throughout the year. Our events are the perfect way for our students to have new experiences and make a ton of new friends, both foreign and Japanese. We organize fantastic events in 3 different cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Go! Go! Nihon students will receive special discounts and benefits at these events!

50+ Events Held

Go! Go! Nihon has held over 50 events for our students and the Japanese community. We do our best to provide everyone with a great time.

Most events are free

Most of our events have free entry, and the ones that don’t are highly discounted for Go! Go! Nihon students. It shouldn’t be expensive to have fun!

Meet Japanese locals

One of the most important aspects of our events is the fact that you get to meet Japanese locals interested in meeting you, as well as connecting to other students in your area.

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