The Summer Olympics celebrates not only a variety of sports, but also the peaceful gathering of people from all over the world. The spirit of the Olympics transcends political, military, economic and social boundaries and to experience it is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many people.

That’s why Go! Go! Nihon is giving one student the chance to win tickets to one of the events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics!

Students who apply through Go! Go! Nihon to study in Japan at a language school, vocational school or university from October 2019 for at least one year will go in to win two tickets to one of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics events.

We will announce the winner and which event the tickets are for in 2020.

Students must:

  • be a Go! Go! Nihon student for at least one year from October 2019
  • be able to pay for their own transportation and accommodation to Tokyo if they are not living and studying in Tokyo at the time
  • stay for the duration of their intended study period. If they cancel and don’t stay until the Olympics start, then they must inform Go! Go! Nihon and the tickets will go to another student

The last time the Olympics were held in Tokyo was in 1964 and with more than 30 sports, including new disciplines of skateboarding, surfing, karate, baseball and sport climbing, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are bound to thrill and entertain spectators.

Why use Go! Go! Nihon

For those unfamiliar with Go! Go! Nihon, here are the top reasons why the Go! Go! Nihon service is a winner for students:

  1. It’s free! – Japanese language institutes and companies support us so that we are able to help you without charging you more. What you pay us is what you would pay the school if you were dealing with them directly.
  2. You get unparalleled support throughout the entire application process, where your knowledgeable student coordinator will help you get the right documents together, check those documents and have them translated.
  3. Our staff have helped more than 8000 students from 70+ countries successfully apply for their language school of choice and their student visa. If you’re looking for trusted experts in this field, look no further than Go! Go! Nihon.
  4. We also partner with several accommodation partners in Japan to help you find a place to live.
  5. Go! Go! Nihon hosts regular events throughout the year to help students get to know each other, meet Go! Go! Nihon staff and socialise with Japanese people.

So why not complement your study in Japan journey with an Olympics experience? Spaces at language schools are limited and October is already filling up quickly. Visit our website for more information on language schools and contact us to get your application started.