Less than one year to go until the Tokyo Olympics 2020

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It’s now less than one year to go to the Tokyo Olympics 2020. If you’ve not decided yet whether to come to study Japanese in Japan yet, we’ve got a few Olympics related reasons to help you decide.

The medal designs have been revealed, the volunteer uniforms are all finished and the proper countdown is on.

Did you know that you can follow the countdown on the Tokyo 2020 app? Here you can book tickets for events that are still available as well as access a Tokyo 2020 pass that will give you access to lots of events in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics.

As well as light shows on the Tokyo Skytree or events celebrating the countdown with music, ceremonies and plenty of fun activities, there’s the iconic torch relay that is part of every Olympics. There’s still time to apply to be one of the torch bearers if you’re already in Japan so why not check out the information on the app.

Olympics countdown

Don’t forget the sports!

As you might expect there are a ridiculous number of sports at the Tokyo Olympics from Aquatics to Wrestling, in fact, there are 33 sports in the Olympics and 22 in the Paralympics. If you’re still looking to get tickets you can enter the second lottery for tickets this month or if you’re coming from overseas you’ll need to buy them through the authorised reseller in your country. The Tokyo Olympics is a great time to try new things and with the high competition for tickets, it’s the perfect time to explore new sports.

Did you know that there are some unusual sports in the Olympics that you might not have thought about when looking for tickets?

For instance, did you know that skateboarding is featuring for the first time this year? As the games adapt to modern culture new sports are introduced and there’ll be 4 medal events for this new addition. In total the are 18 additional events across baseball/softball, Karate, Skateboarding, Sport Climbing, and Surfing.

In the Paralympics, there is Boccia, a high strategy game. It has its origins in ancient Greece but has been included in the Paralympic games since 1984. You might be familiar with games such as boules and bowls and this has similar elements. A target ball is thrown and there are 6 additional balls that are thrown by each team with the aim of getting closest to the target ball.

New events at the Paralympics are in Taekwondo and Badminton.

Still not decided yet?

With applications open to study at language schools in Japan in 2020 now open, it’s the perfect time to be making your decision. It will be expensive to travel to Japan just for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 and if you’ve been thinking about going out to study then now is the time to do it and kill two birds with one stone. Living in Japan will also give you a chance to experience this amazing event from the unique perspective of a resident with just one year to go.

Go! Go! Nihon can help you with everything from your application to your accommodation so you don’t need to worry about a thing. If you’re still uncertain why not get in touch, we’re here to answer all your questions.

If you like to read more about Japanese culture, make sure to follow our blog where we cover everything you need to know about Japan!

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