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Code Chrysalis

Code Chrysalis is a Silicon Valley-style coding bootcamp in the heart of Tokyo, helping people from all over the world change their lives and careers by becoming full-stack software engineers in just 12 weeks.

It is the only coding bootcamp in Asia that supports students long after they graduate, helping with everything from crafting the perfect resume, to teaching you how to prepare for interviews in the tech industry. 

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Code Chrysalis


Support with building a career in Japan

Code Chrysalis offers its students a career-focused curriculum and a dedicated career coach, as well as lifetime career support through weekly check-ins, mock interviews, on-call salary negotiations, plus other benefits. Previous graduates have received job offers from companies like Google, Mercari, Line, Sony, and more.

Competitive portfolio

Each student builds a portfolio of full-stack projects during the course in languages and technologies common in today’s job market.

Online community

Students join a Slack community where they can make friends, get support throughout the course, and ask for help with job hunting.


Courses are taught in English and there are English-speaking staff available.

Job hunting support

The school provides support for both part-time and for full-time jobs, 90% of graduates go on to find employment post graduation

Wifi available

Free Wifi is available to students.

Student lounge available

Mix and mingle with your fellow students or do some last minute studying in the student lounge.

School library

There is a modern library open to students with books and other resources available.


Our school is located in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Located in Roppongi, Code Chrysalis Programming Bootcamp is located in the heart of Tokyo’s international community.


Roppongi Station
7 min, 500m

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Code Chrysalis

Our Courses

Code Chrysalis

Immersive Full-Time Course

Build a solid portfolio of projects in the languages and tech stacks that you want to use and get practical experience working on an Agile development team. Students have opportunities to get real world experience adding features to a live codebase, which they can draw from in interviews. The curriculum is optimized to help you compete in an ever more competitive job market - whether you are job searching in Japan or abroad.

You will learn:
- Data Structures & Complexity Analysis
- Agile Methodologies and Practices
- SQL, Databases, & Schema Creation
- HTTP & Express
- API Architectures
- Front-end UI Frameworks
- CI/CD & Deployment
- Programming Language Learning (”Polyglottal”)

Course length

3 months

Available starts

April - July - September
*Precourse is required in order to start the immersive coding course

Schedule (weekdays)

Monday - Friday
9:00 - 17:00 with a 30 minute lunch break
Course hours per week: 35

Other features

School intensity
High intensity course - This is a full time (35 hrs), 12-week intensive coding bootcamp.

3 months



Total course costs

Deposit cost is inlcuded in the Total Cost.

Code Chrysalis

Student demographics

Students come from all over the world to study at this school.

United States
United Kingdom


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Tuition Costs Breakdown

Weekly course fees

3 months fees

Deposit (non-refundable) ¥100,000

6 months fees

9 months fees

12 months fees

15 months fees

18 months fees

21 months fees

24 months fees

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