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ECC Kokusai

ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages is part of the Yamaguchi Gakuen Education Institution, which is comprised of over 2,000 Japanese students and 1000 international students from 34 different countries. Yamaguchi Gakuen is also part of the well-known ECC brand of educational institutions around Japan.

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Prices starting from


Prices starting from


Prices starting from


24 months

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ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages

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Achieve your goals

ECC is a school for students that are aiming to properly learn Japanese for their future in Japan or abroad. Divided into several levels, their curriculum helps students to achieve their goals, whatever they might be. This could include aiming for higher education, employment in Japan, or more.

Accepts beginner students

Even if you’ve never studied Japanese before, that’s not a problem! You can start from scratch at this school.

WiFi available

Free Wifi is available to students.

Student lounge available

Mix and mingle with your fellow students or do some last minute studying in the student lounge.

English speaking staff available

There will be English-speaking staff available to assist you with any issues that may arise during your time at the school.

Interact with Japanese students

Students will also have the opportunity to meet and mingle with Japanese Students through various events organised by the school.


Our school is located in Kita, Osaka

OSAKA – Osaka is with it’s 2.5 million citizens, Japan’s third largest city and the heart of the Kansai area from where you can reach cities like Kyoto, Kobe and Nara in about 30 minutes. The city has a lot to offer for those who don’t favor Tokyo but still want the full package. People in Osaka are generally seen as very friendly and talkative so if you want to make many Japanese friends, this city is for you.


Nakazakicho (5 min)
Tanimachi Line
Umeda (8 min)
Kōbe, Kyōto, Takarazuka, Main & Midōsuji Line

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ECC Kokusai Language School

Our Japanese Courses

ECC Kokusai Language School


This course includes standard lessons, JLPT preparation, and cultural activities throughout the year. This course focuses heavily on verbal communication.

Course length

3 months
6 - 24 months

Available starts

April - October
School usually starts in the first or second week of the month’s term start.

Schedule (weekdays)

Morning class 09:00 to 13:10
Afternoon class 13:40 to 17:50
Course hours per week: 20
Classes are either in the morning or in the afternoon, based on your level of Japanese.

Other features

JLPT prep elective classes
These JLPT classes will prepare you for levels N3, N2 or N1. They will focus on teaching you techniques to pass the test and will focus on the different sections that you will encounter in the test.

School Intensity
This school is of Medium-High Intensity which means that they teach material at a very efficient pace. In general, you can expect to study daily for about 2 hours outside of class, depending on your level. So if you're someone who is serious about Japanese and committed to learning quickly yet still want some free time, this school could be right for you!

Student demographics
CHINA - 25%
TAIWAN - 35%
EUROPE - 10%
US - 5%

3 months


6 months


12 months


18 months


24 months



Total course costs

The total course costs in these charts include class time, staff guidance and some school activities. For long-term studies of 6 months or more, the school charges a deposit fee of 40,000 yen per year for textbooks and course materials. This has been included in the above prices. Any unused deposit fees will be refunded at the end of studies. *Important: The above prices apply to payments made in one sum. If you wish to make the payment in installments, the school adds a handling fee. For example, a student who pays in 6-month installments instead of 1-year payments will pay slightly more than a student who pays for 1 year in a single payment.


Term breakdown

TERM 1 - 4
Beginner students learn the basic elements of Japanese, including foundational grammar, hiragana, katakana and simple kanji. Students will learn to take part in basic, everyday conversations. Please note that ECC's curriculum is divided into 3 levels for this learning stage, where students at Level 3 can start taking JLPT N1-3 preparation courses.

TERM 5 - 7
Students at an intermediate to upper intermediate level will build on their basic Japanese skills and be able to learn various expressions, as well as continue to develop their reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities. They will learn the proper Japanese to help them manage everyday challenges, and express more complicated thoughts and ideas.

TERM 8 - 10
The aim of advanced classes is to help students advance their communication and conversational skills, while preparing students for potentially finding employment in Japan, moving onto higher education, or passing higher level JLPT exams. Students will practice speaking Japanese daily to improve their communication skills.


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Tuition Costs Breakdown

Weekly course fees

3 months fees

Application Fee ¥0
Enrollment Fee ¥30,000
Tuition Fee ¥197,800
Other Fees ¥6,000

6 months fees

Application Fee ¥20,000
Enrollment Fee ¥60,000
Tuition Fee ¥380,000
Other Fees ¥19,000
Deposit for School Materials ¥40,000

9 months fees

12 months fees

Application Fee ¥20,000
Enrollment Fee ¥60,000
Tuition Fee ¥710,000
Other Fees ¥19,000
Deposit for School Materials ¥40,000

15 months fees

18 months fees

Application Fee ¥20,000
Enrollment Fee ¥60,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,090,000
Other Fees ¥30,000
Deposit for School Materials ¥60,000

21 months fees

24 months fees

Application Fee ¥20,000
Enrollment Fee ¥60,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,420,000
Other Fees ¥38,000
Deposit for School Materials ¥80,000