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Our partners, WorldTrips (part of the Envisage Global Insurance Group), offer you reliable and comprehensive travel insurance for your stay in Japan. Their insurance package covers both medical and travel expenses; to find out more about their policy details please download their brochure here. To organise your travel insurance policy, please fill out the form below at least 4 days before you arrive in Japan, it will calculate your policy total and transfer you to PayPal for secure payment.

Important note: This insurance is only available for Go! Go! Nihon students who are age 49 or under, AND are currently outside of Japan. You can not purchase this insurance if you have already entered the country. Please select that you are not a Go! Go! Nihon student from this page.

Student visa holders are considered long-term residents in Japan and will be required to join Japanese National Health Insurance (NHI). NHI covers 70% of your medical expenses when you go to the doctor or pharmacy. The remaining 30% you normally have to pay out-of-pocket.

Many schools (except Akamonkai, ECC, FFLC, ISI, and Toyo Language School) have an additional insurance, already included in their tuition fees, to help cover the remaining 30% of costs in case of accidents or sudden illness (pre-existing illnesses are not covered).

Due to the availability of the above insurances, we further recommend this insurance for those who:

  1. want coverage for theft/loss of luggage (for the days of travel to and from Japan)
  2. require coverage for self-isolation periods due to Covid-19 (for the duration before NHI comes into effect by in-person registration at city hall)
  3. want additional coverage (for the duration of their entire stay in Japan)

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