Part-Time Tour Guide

We’re looking to hire a part-time Tour Guide to assist the Study Trip team at Go! Go! Nihon. You will be in charge of guiding and managing participants during activities with the Tour Leader and, with some experience, on your own. You need to be confident and able to communicate efficiently with large groups of people. You will be responsible for ensuring participants are safe, enjoying themselves and that tours run smoothly.

The tours are held in the greater Tokyo area, so knowledge of transport systems is required. This person will be in charge of facilitating conversations, making sure everyone is involved, as well as translating/relaying information and instructions. You must enjoy learning about different cultures and have an interest in sharing your knowledge and experiences in Japan.

Location: Tokyo

Salary: 1,100 yen/hour


  • Transportation included (Details to be discussed with the successful applicant)
  • Activity/event access paid for and in some cases meals too
  • Through this job, you will have the chance to discover Japan more in-depth while engaging in cultural exchange.

Please note that we will contact you only if we would like to interview you.

Job duties

  • Support the Study Trip Tour Leader so that tours run smoothly and effectively
  • Entertain students and help create a friendly environment.
  • Communicate between students and Tour Leader, as well as convey instructions (Inc. translation in your native language.)
  • Ensure that the participants are safe and that they are mindful of customs and rules.
  • Once you have some experience, you might be asked to manage some groups on your own.


  • Language Skills: English
  • Must reside in Japan for 6 months or longer, preferably near Tokyo.
  • A valid visa with permission to work
  • Good communication and people skills
  • Schedule flexibility (Afternoons and weekends)

Preferred skills/experience

  • Japanese - Not required, but a plus.
  • 2nd language preferred (Mainly Spanish, Swedish, French or Italian)
  • High spirited and easygoing
  • Organized and punctual
  • Passionate about language and cultural exchanges
  • Problem-solving skills, especially on the spot
  • Team player
  • The ability to remain calm in high-pressure and tense situations
  • Being physically healthy and if possible fit, able to walk long distances and stand for extended periods of time, etc.
  • Professional yet friendly and open manner