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Yamano College of Aesthetics

With over 80 years of history, Yamano is one of Japan’s leading beauty education institutions. Due to its long history in the beauty industry, students are able to receive top-level instruction, plus support in obtaining internships and potential full-time employment upon graduation. With an education from Yamano, students can become a global beauty leader in Japan.
Study at Yamano College of Aesthetics with Go! Go! Nihon

Yamano College of Aesthetics


Study at Yamano College of Aesthetics with Go! Go! Nihon

Globalizing Japanese beauty

Japan is a world leader in the beauty industry and one of Yamano’s goals is to create the beauty leaders of tomorrow. Students are taught the “beauty way” through the 5 principles of “hair, face, dress, mental beauty, health beauty”.

Japanese beauty industry

Learn and practice Japanese language skills that are related to the beauty and fashion industries in Japan. You will be able to master business etiquette as well.

Skills for society

Learn psychology, nutrition, aromatherapy, hospitality manners, as well as, other beauty knowledge that is unique to Japanese society.

Beauty technique

More than 150 hours of makeup lessons including, natural, idol, special make-up practices and more! Also, learn different hair techniques, nail, facial aesthetics, as well as, aromatherapy techniques.

Traditional beauty

The Japanese take great pride in their culture and history, so you will also be able to have cultural lessons in kimono, tea ceremonies, and flower arrangements.

International research

Understand and compare the differences between Japanese culture versus other countries’ cultures. You will learn about history, politics, as well as, current events.


Our school is located in Hachioji, Tokyo.

HACHIOJI – Located outside of central Tokyo, Hachioji is a quaint suburb of Tokyo. With a great balance of nature and a small-town atmosphere, it is a perfect place to focus on your studies to invest in your future in Japan.


Hachiojiminamino (15 min)
JR Yokohama Line
Katakura (17 min)
JR Yokohama Line

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Yamano College of Aesthetics

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Yamano College of Aesthetics


In this course, you will study English for the purpose of studying abroad, transferring to a four-year university, or getting a job. This unique course, combining the study of both English and beauty, has been specifically designed to prepare you for your future career. 2 years; begins in April.

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