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Nihongo Online School

Nihongo Online School offers online 1:1 Japanese lessons with English support to anyone, anywhere in the world via Skype. Nihongo Online School private Skype lessons are perfect for anyone who wants a personalized and effective remote studying experience.

Learn from qualified teachers, who can also communicate with you in English, and use original course material to improve your Japanese language level all from the comfort of your home.

Nihongo Online School


Private & flexible Japanese lessons

All lessons are private 1:1 lessons with a qualified instructor via Skype. Nihongo Online works with each student’s schedule to provide lessons at times that work best for you.

Course materials for all needs

Whether you are just wanting to learn the basics, or progress to the next JLPT exam, Nihongo Online has course materials to help you meet your Japanese-learning goals.

Tailored 150-hour course

Nihongo Online has crafted a course to help students get through their first 150 hours of learning Japanese. Once all classes and assignments have been completed for this period, students will receive a certificate of completion.

Focus on conversation

Students get a lot of chances to practice conversational Japanese language skills with their teacher.

Accepts beginner students

Even if you’ve never studied Japanese before, that’s not a problem! You can start from scratch at this school.

English-speaking staff available

There will be English-speaking staff available to assist you with any issues that may arise during your time at the school.

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We are now accepting applications for October 2024 term

Nihongo Online School

Our Japanese Courses

Nihongo Online School

150 hour kick start program

Course includes 50hrs online 1:1 lessons plus 100hrs of study materials and homework.

Total cost 225,000 JPY

The process to complete the 150-hour course after payment are:

  1. Choose your schedule
  2. Complete your first class, including an introduction, level check and explanation of the course
  3. Nihongo Online sends you a study plan, which includes feedback from the teacher and the course outline
  4. Complete your second class - there will be two hours of homework per class from here on
  5. You complete classes and homework up until 150 hours

Other features

Trial lesson
Students can take a free trial lesson, which allows Nihongo Online to assess your Japanese level and put together an appropriate curriculum for you.

Nihongo Online School

Class packages

Online lessons can be taken as much or as little as you need and focus on your learning requirements, from Conversation practice to JLPT prep.

Each lesson costs 4,500 JPY and are sold in packages for the timeframe you would like to learn for. In addition there is an additional one off registration fee of 25,000 JPY.

3 month course

  • 15, 25, 35 hour packages

6 month course

  • 25, 50, 70 hour packages

12 month course

  • 50, 100, 150 hour packages


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