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Pick Up and Stay

Standard hotel



Choose from one of three pick-up points: Haneda, Narita or Kansai. You’ll be collected from the airport using private service before being safely taken to your hotel to start your stay.


You will have your own private room in a hotel that follows all of the latest regulations set by the government for a safe and secure stay in Japan.


If you require it, Go! Go! Nihon has partnered with WorldTrips insurance to offer comprehensive travel insurance to cover your stay in Japan.


You get an exclusive discounted rate on the Go! Go! Nihon Japanese Online Course Bundle 14-day trial. Perfect for those who want to use their first days in Japan to fast track their Japanese learning journey.


You can get a special 7,000 yen rent discount if you stay for more than 4 months with our share house partner, BeGood Japan. Perfect for students living in the Tokyo area as they have over 40 share houses. If you are interested, check out their share houses and apply directly here.


We are currently not accepting bookings for this hotel. You can still book a room at our budget hotel from this page.


How do I book my package?

Simply select the options and date range for your stay in our booking form, fill out your details and then make your payment through our secure system.


Can I only have the pickup option?

If you would like to book only a pick-up, please use this form instead


How far in advance can I book my package?

You must book a minimum of 3 days in advance, there is no maximum for how much further in advance you book.


Can I pick my own hotel room or location?

No, these are allocated by our partners based on arrival dates and hotel vacancies.


What is the cancellation policy for the packages?

  • Cancellation of reservation 1 week prior to local pick up time will be charged 20% of the total quoted price.
  • Cancellation of reservation 72 hours prior to local pick up time will be charged 80% of the total quoted price.
  • Cancellation on the day of local pick up time will be charged 100% of the total quoted price.


What is covered by the insurance included in this package?

The insurance plan will provide coverage for COVID-19-related matters (such as treatment, medication, surgery, inpatient/outpatient, hospitalization) as long as it was contracted after the effective start date. If medically necessary and ordered by a physician, COVID-19 testing will be covered. However, the test will not be covered if it’s just a requirement for travel or preventative purposes. Please note that the plan does not cover any travel or accommodation costs or expenses for COVID-19 quarantine related matters, including the private pickup, hotel, and any cancellation fees.


What is the airport carpool option?

Airport carpool is an option to share socially distanced transport with another traveller. We ask when we take the booking if you are interested in the carpool option.  If you are willing to carpool and other visitors arrive on the same day as you going to the same location also then we may combine your pick-up and drop-off, however, this can mean that you or the other party may have to wait for the pick up due to differences in flight times. If we can match interested parties together we will refund part of your transport payment. Please note this is completely optional, those who do not want to take part in carpool do not have to, and in some cases, people who are interested may not be able to be matched. 



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