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*NOTE: Spots are limited. Applying for the first intake gives you a higher chance of reserving a spot at the school of your choice!


Learn Japanese online with Akamonkai Japanese Language School's Beginner Course. This course was created as a great way to start teaching the basics of Japanese and is based on the content you would learn in their school but adapted to suit online learning.

The 12 week beginner course is designed to help you complete your first 150 hours of Japanese study with lessons each weekday, covering Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, grammar, vocab, conversation practice and more. Along with written learning materials there are also lots of chances to practise your speaking and listening skills. There are conversation video lessons to help you with your pronunciation and understanding. You will have a chance to demonstrate how much you’ve learnt on our interactive platform by sharing your own videos. We also have an online community for students of the course to connect and help each other, as well as interact with native Japanese language speakers and the course leaders.

The 12 week course will prepare you to get ready to take JLPT N5 both are a great way to start learning Japanese before you come to Japan to start Language school and successfully once completed will allow you to start at school at a higher level.



We have helped over 8,000 students come to Japan since 2009. Most of our staff have been language students at the exact schools that you are looking at, so we can give you first-hand information on the application process and potential issues.


Our staff are native English speakers, so nothing gets lost in translation. The schools use us to translate cultural and language barriers, so we can make sure your application for the school and visa is perfect.


We are here to tell you all the ins and outs of each school and let you choose which one you think would be the best for you. Your success in Japan is our success.

School Features


All lessons are conducted online through our learning platform or connected tools, so all you need is an internet connection!

Course Materials Provided

The Beginner course is full of lessons and materials to help you study the basics of Japanese, from video lessons to grammar slides to homework worksheets and more, designed to help you learn quickly and effectively.

Conversation Practice

Listen and repeat conversation lessons to learn new language skills, then create your own videos to share so teachers can check your understanding and progress.


There is also a dedicated online community for students of the course to connect and engage with each other, as well as interact with course leaders.


Akamonkai 12 Week Beginner course
Akamonkai 12 Week Beginner course

The course will show you how to do:

  • Read and write Hiragana, Katakana and learn 81 Kanji, as well as learn many basic grammar concepts

  • Learn 1,000 vocabulary words and be able to use

  • Read, write and understand simple short sentences

You will also learn more advanced grammar concepts and many additional useful conversation skills such as:

  • Self-introduction

  • How to express directions of action

  • How to describe something

  • How to give reasons and express what you like or you prefer

  • How to give or receive something

  • Ask about transportation and directions

  • How to ask for things/do shopping in Japan

  • Understand simple conversations that are often encountered in Japanese everyday life

  • Express your will and opinions in situations that you often encounter in everyday life

By the time you have completed the whole course, you will be able to understand beginner level Japanese, and you will have covered the material needed to be able to take JLPT N5 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

Total Course Costs

12 weeks
¥99,225 in total

Note: Fee can be paid in one ¥99,225 payment or 3 x ¥36,380 split payments
Course content is available for six months from sign up


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Who created the Akamonkai Beginner courses?

A: The 12-week beginner course were created by Go! Go! Nihon and Akamonkai Japanese Language School as an introduction to the Japanese language and to help students get ready for studying full time in Japan.

Q: How do the online classes work?

A: There are 100s of lessons using video, text files, audio files and more to help you learn easily. For some lessons you could be shown a conversation video, back up grammar slides and a repetition video for you to practice with, other times it might be with an audio file or a downloadable vocabulary sheet. You will see the best materials to help you understand new topics quickly. There are also opportunities for you to create your own videos to share with us so we can check your understanding and progress. We also have a community where you can engage with other students on the same journey as you, ask questions, compare notes and even engage with the course leaders.

Q: How are the beginner classes scheduled?

A: The 12-week beginner course begins when you enroll, with 5 days of lessons being released each week until all the course days are live. We advise you to complete the lessons chronologically but don’t worry if you can not complete them as they are released as once you have bought the course the lessons are available for six months.

Q: Do I need to know some Japanese beforehand?

A: You dont need to know any Japanese before you start the 12-week beginner course. You can start lessons from zero and learn the basics from Hiragana and Katakana. If you already know these then these sections in the course will act as a refresher.

Q: Can anyone take these classes?

A: The courses were designed to help get students ready for full-time studies in Japan, but anyone who would like to learn how to speak in Japanese is welcome to take the courses and will find them a very useful introduction to the language. For those more serious about learning Japanese, the 12-week course will prepare you to take the JLPT N5 exam. Currently, the course is only available in English.

Q: Do I have to show my face when sending video?

A: Whilst it is very important for students to upload videos for us to check their pronunciation, understanding and progress, please note that you don't have to show your face if you don't want to. You can cover it with an emoji, when you record your video, use "pixel mode" or just hide it!

Q: Will I get a certificate for finishing a course?

A: You will get a certificate from the school if you complete either course, but you need to complete 100% of the course in order to receive it.

Q: Do I have to finish the courses in a specific amount of time or keep an attendance rate?

You can only get your course certificate if you complete every lesson, however you have six months to finish the courses.

Q: How do we register?

A: Visit and click on the find out more button, here you will see the curriculum and have an option to select buy now, once you click on that button and follow the steps at the checkout.

Q) Will I be able to ask questions to the teachers

A) Yes, you will be able to ask questions and get support from the teachers and the Go! Go! Nihon staff writing in the community.

Q) Will I be able to talk to the teachers live. Will there be a live class?

A) Although you will be able to interact with teachers, Go! Go! Nihon staff and other students through the community, you will not have live classes. The lessons are pre recorded and created to help you learn as quickly as possible using our online platform and allows you to complete lessons at your own pace.

Q) Will I improve also my spoken Japanese?

A) You will have plenty of chances to practice your spoken Japanese. You will listen to video and audio, and be able to practice repeating what is said in the lessons. You will also making your own video to upload which will then be checked by the teachers.

Q: How much do the courses cost?

A: The 12-week course costs ¥99,225, which is about ¥8,279 per week.