Booking a hotel room is a popular option for those who haven’t found a permanent place to stay before arriving in Japan. We can help you find temporary hotel accommodation, as well as assist you in finding your new home in Japan. The faster you get settled, the more time you can put towards learning essential language skills!

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Sharehouses are the top accommodation choice for students as they are affordable, are usually clean and comfortable, and a great way to make friends easily. For a set monthly amount, you get your own room with a bed and some storage. Some places also provide a desk and chair. Common areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, and living room are shared with other residents.

School dormitories

Living in a dorm is a quintessential student experience and the best option for those who have a tight budget and don’t mind living with others. Dorms are usually located close to the school. Note that not all schools offer dorms as an accommodation option.

Private apartments

Apartments are the best option for those wanting their own space and more privacy. They do cost more to rent and may be smaller than you’re used to, but you can live the way you want and make the place your own.


Homestays are an excellent option for those who want to dive straight in and immerse themselves fully into Japanese life. Living with a host family gives you firsthand insight into Japanese culture and way of life. You’ll get to practice more Japanese and develop relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime.

Go! Go! Nihon

Go! Go! Nihon Live and Study in Japan!

In 2009, after meeting and studying at a Japanese language school together, Davide and John start working on a project that will make the process of living and studying in Japan much easier. The idea for Go! Go! Nihon is born. The service and website is launched with Italian, Swedish, and English language support. There is an immediate positive reception to the service and the first long-term students start the October session that year.

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Go! Go! Nihon Live and Study in Japan!


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